XT V 160 Electronics X-ray Inspection

Top-class inspection system for miniaturized electronic components

Component connections on today’s compact and densely populated PCBs are hidden by other components, making X-ray the only viable inspection solution. XT V 160 is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and high-quality PCB inspection system targeting production facilities and failure analysis laboratories.

In automated inspection mode, samples can be inspected at the highest throughput. In manual mode, intuitive software and high-precision sample manipulation enable operators to visualize and evaluate the tiniest internal defects and deficiencies.


  • Proprietary 160 kV source with submicron focal spot size
  • True 75° tilting angle for optimum inspection of BGAs
  • Fast data capture and high-quality imaging
  • Large tray for loading multiple boards
  • Customizable macros automate measurement work?ow
  • Remote validation station available



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