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Compact, high-definition, high-speed and high-sensitivity C-mount camera

DS-Fi3 is a high-definition color microscope camera equipped with a 5.9 megapixel CMOS image sensor. Its high-speed data readout, superior color reproduction and high quantum efficiency are optimal for imaging in various observations, such as brightfield, DIC, phase contrast and fluorescence observation.

High definition imaging

DS-Fi3 is equipped with a 5.9 megapixel CMOS image sensor, which enables the capture of high-definition images of up to 2880 x 2048 pixels. With this new CMOS image sensor and high-speed data transfer via USB3.0, DS-Fi3 enables fast focusing even in high-resolution imaging, and efficient image acquisition when using a wide range of illumination techniques.

Tubular adenoma, HE staining (Objective: CFI Plan Apochromat λ 4x)
Photos courtesy of: Dr. Yasunori Ohta, Department of Pathology, IMSUT Hospital, Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo
Liquid crystal panel (Objective: TU Plan Fluor 10x)

High sensitivity and low noise

The DS-Fi3 has significantly higher quantum efficiency and lower readout noise than conventional models. It allows the capture of brighter images with higher S/N ratios in fluorescence observation.

Breast cancer, FISH method (Objective: CFI Plan Apochromat 100x Oil)
Photos courtesy of: Hironao Kusakari, Diagnostic Pathology, St. Marianna University Hospital

High-speed live display

Due to the high-speed data readout by the CMOS image sensor and high-speed USB3.0 data transfer, the DS-Fi3 displays live images of full 2880 x 2048-pixel images at 15 fps, and 1440 x 1024-pixel images at 30 fps. This enables smooth display during focusing and the selection of observation locations.

The mounting board (Objective: TU Plan Fluor 5x)

Excellent color reproducibility

Nikon is well-known for outstanding and lifelike color reproduction, and developing superior algorithms for creating results that look like the actual samples. These algorithms are used in all of the color cameras in the digital sight lineup.

Uterine cervix Pap staining (Objective: CFI Plan Apochromat λ 60x Oil)
Photos courtesy of: Kazuhiro Mita, Department of Pathology, Yokohama City University Hospital
Bone marrow (Objective: CFI Plan Achromat NCG 40x)
Photos courtesy of: Clinical Laboratory Department, Yokohama City University Hospital

Direct connection to a PC

The DS-Fi3 allows direct connection to a PC via a USB3.0 interface to control the camera and capture images using the imaging software NIS-Elements.

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