Nikon’s Value
for the Future

With advances in technology, great change (a “megashift”) is expected to take place in society by 2030.

Nikon will identify the diverse needs of society this produces, and stay ahead of the curve, contributing to society in two fields of value proposition.

Changes Expected in
Society by 2030

Looking ahead to society in 2030, broadly speaking, we believe there will be an acceleration in the technology shift that will achieve the further evolution and enhancement of engineering and machines.

The acceleration of initiatives to address society’s challenges, such as climate change and natural resource shortages, will result in a shift in social frameworks.
The advancement of the quality of life-enhancing entertainment and the evolution of medical care will bring a shift in how we view life and our lifestyles.

We anticipate the shift and diversification in values from owning to sharing.

As a result of these megashifts, we believe that people will focus more on the pursuit of self-expression and value, and that co-creation by humans and machines will play a more important role than ever before.

Nikon’s Value Proposition

Nikon has established two fields for value proposition: industry and quality of life (QOL), in response to these megashifts that may occur in society. More specifically, we will offer solutions to the needs and challenges of society and industry in four areas: factory, energy, healthcare, and life & entertainment.

Expand possibilities for people Industry Field


Flexible manufacturing in response to diverse needs

Using light as a tool, we aim to eliminate restrictions on processing size and location to become a society that effortlessly employs flexible manufacturing systems. We will develop dynamic vision systems that far outperform the human eye, joints that move quickly and smoothly, and so on, to contribute to greater sophistication of robots. Having robots that perform work on behalf of humans will enable manufacturing in harsh conditions.


Leverage innovative technology and manufacturing to build environmentally friendly systems

By applying innovative processing technology to add “riblets,” microscopic structures that simulate shark skin, to the surface of products, such as aircraft, ships and wind turbine blades, we can reduce air and water resistance, and boost energy efficiency. In addition, we will promote re-use, developing an environment where repair work is easier, with metal 3D printers that employ optical technologies and precision control technologies, to handle repairs that were difficult to perform without engineers, such as for turbine blades.

Make lives better Quality of Life (QOL) Field


Achieve order-made treatment and prevention through sophisticated systems

With technology and expertise cultivated by Nikon over many years for the observation and evaluation of cells, we will support research and product development, advancing regenerative medicine and individualized treatment, contributing to the realization of a society that can provide patients with optimal care. Also, we will promote development of systems that use artificial intelligence (AI) to support diagnosis by doctors, to help in the early detection of illnesses. By linking this to earlier treatments, we aim for a future where lives are saved.

Life & Entertainment

Popularize imaging technologies to advance learning and creation

Provide realistic learning spaces to support remote learning, dangerous work, and training for emergency response. Through practical learning in virtual spaces, we can enhance learning outcomes, and promote the creation of environments that deliver learning opportunities to more people. In image production, we will advance development of tools that anyone can use, with 3D and 4D technologies that could previously only be handled by a few people, creating opportunities for more people to be involved with new technologies.