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About Vision 2030 magazine

Vision 2030 magazine is a media that shares the many challenges embarked upon by Nikon to realize their vision towards 2030 in an everchanging world.


Vision 2030A key technology solutions company in a global society where humans and machines co-create seamlessly

With technologies developed over more than 100 years, Nikon will expand into new fields. Bringing people and machines closer together, and freeing creativity. Co-creation will produce new value that we will share broadly with society.

In preparation for the megashift likely awaiting us in the future, Nikon has set two fields in which to provide value: Industry and Quality of Life (QOL).

Within each field, we will offer solutions for the social and industrial needs/issues in the following areas: Factories and Energy in the Industrial field, and Healthcare and Life & Entertainment in the QOL field.

Corporate Strategy

Articles on Nikon's Strategies for Vision 2030

Quality of Life

Articles on Nikon's Efforts in "Healthcare" and "Life & Entertainment" Looking Toward 2030


Articles on Nikon's Efforts in "Factories" and "Energy" Looking Toward 2030