Whether in manufacturing, advanced medicine, or R&D, Nikon products and solutions will support you in a wide range of situations.


Material Processing SolutionsOpen in a new window

We provide material processing solutions that utilize Nikon's technologies, such as additive manufacturing using metal 3D printers, precision subtractive processing and riblet processing using laser processing machines.

Lasermeister Series

More convenient and easier metal modeling. Additive manufacturing with built-in measurement system.

AX / AX R Confocal Microscope SystemOpen in a new window

High resolution 8K x 8K images and the world's largest FOV of 25 mm enable you to obtain more data than ever, expanding the possibilities of a wide range of research fields.

Nikon's Contract Research Service (Nikon BioImaging Lab)Open in a new window

Nikon BioImaging lab is a global Contract Research Organization with a focus on microscopic imaging services. We provide high-resolution imaging solutions and analysis to deal with even difficult-to-image samples, including organoids and micro physiological systems (MPS).

Technology & Design

Discover the source of Nikon products and services - our technology backed by authenticity and design that captures the true essence of our creations.