5x Reduction i-line StepperNSR-2205iL1

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Announcement on August 31, 2023

Lithography system that is compatible with existing systems while responding to a wide variety of process demands

The NSR-2205iL1 is an i-line stepper that will be utilized to manufacture a wide range of devices. It provides excellent affordability and will enable optimized production of various semiconductor devices regardless of the wafer material. It is fully compatible with existing Nikon i-line lithography systems and can be used to supplement or replace existing steppers that no longer meet manufacturing requirements.


Features of NSR-2205iL1

Feature 1:Supports a variety of needs, Excellent affordability, Feature 2:Compatible with existing Nikon products (photomasks, recipes, etc.), Feature 3:Developed with a focus on sustainability

Feature 1: Supports a variety of needs/Excellent affordability

Supports a variety of devices such as
power and communications semiconductors and MEMS

Products positioning map

  • Accommodates various wafer sizes, thickness, and warpage
  • Responds to wafer size switching, expanding customer's usage range
  • Equipped with Wide DOF (expanded depth of focus range) and multipoint AF (autofocus)
  • Supports customers' varied production applications including SiC (silicon carbide) and GaN (gallium nitride) processes

Feature 2: Compatible with existing Nikon products

Feature 3: Developed with a focus on sustainability

Customers' assets, such as photomasks and recipes, are usable

Continuously supports customers' device production with the goal of being a long term business partner to our customers


Existing photomasks and recipes can be reused

Improved maintainability, ease of repair and support

Sustainable design for current and future manufacturing

Main specifications of NSR-2205iL1

Resolution ≦ 350 nm*1
NA 0.45
Exposure light source i-line (365 nm wavelength)
Reduction ratio 1:5
Maximum exposure field 22 mm × 22 mm
Overlay SMO*2: ≦ 70 nm*1
Main options
  • Handles transparent wafer
  • Accommodates various wafer thickness and warpage
  • Applicable wafer size: 2 to 8 inches
  • Accommodates different wafer sizes
  • Backside alignment (IR transmission type)
  • Wide DOF expansion function
  • Multipoint AF function (improving the leveling correction performance)
  • *1When option is applied
  • *2Single Machine Overlay: machine-to-self overlay accuracy

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