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Nikon's Foundations for the Future

Nikon supports society and changes the future with its opto-electronics and precision technologies. Through the five business lines of Imaging Products, Precision Equipment, Healthcare, Components, and Digital Manufacturing, we provide a wide variety of products and services.

Our world-class technology, global networks, initiatives for a sustainable society, and human resources create new value.

Technology for the Future

  • Nikon Technologies

    From the

    Less than 2.1 nanometers*1

    To the

    Ly: Light year*2

    1. *1The precision of Nikon lithography systems
    2. *2The range of the Subaru telescope's FOCAS
  • Number of externally published R&D papers

    1,708in total

    • *Source: Scopus, as of September 2023

A solid customer base and worldwide network

Initiatives for a sustainable society

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