Corporate Citizenship Activities

The Nikon Group strives to be a good corporate citizen, developing in partnership with our communities through corporate citizenship activities. In following the Nikon Corporate Citizenship Policy, we focus our activities on future generations. Activities include environmental awareness programs for children using Nikon products, educational support for disadvantaged children, and activities for discovery and development to foster people who will lead industry, technology, and imaging culture into the future.

Main initiatives and results for the fiscal year ended March 2022

Future Generations Receiving Support and Encouragement From the Nikon Group

This figure represents the total number of members of the next generation for whom the Nikon Group has provided support, calculated by adding together the sub-totals in the following three sections: “Encouraging Future Generations to Appreciate Global Environmental Issues”, “Helping Children Envision the Future” and “Encouraging Younger Generations to Build the Future”.

14,645 people

Activity Report

Corporate Citizenship Activity Promotion System

The Nikon Group promotes the implementation of corporate citizenship activities by all Group companies through the Sustainability Promotion System, in which the Sustainability Committee plays a central role. Nikon Corporate Citizenship Policy, which was formulated by the Sustainability Committee, functions as a set of principles for the implementation of corporate citizenship activities to ensure that all companies within the Nikon Group adopt the same approach when undertaking these activities. To verify whether community contribution activities are being carried out in accordance with the Policy, monitoring is performed through an annual Nikon Group Corporate Citizenship Activities Survey; the survey results are reported to the Sustainability Committee.

Nikon Corporate Citizenship Policy

Nikon has stated in the Nikon Code of Conduct, which sets out the standards for behavior that embodies its Corporate Philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity, that it will actively promote participation in activities that contribute to communities and serve public interests.
With the strong desire to be a good corporate citizen, Nikon will carry out corporate citizenship activities based on the following policy in order to build good relationships as a member of the community, and to work with the community to achieve sustainable development collectively.

  1. 1.We will engage primarily in activities that target the next generation with a focus on the areas of the environment, education, arts and sciences, and health.
  2. 2.We will effectively utilize resources such as the technologies and know-how that Nikon possesses.
  3. 3.We will build cooperative relationships with organizations (governments, educational institutions, NGOs, NPOs, etc.) that work to promote public interests, resolve social issues, and contribute to technology development through academic research.
  4. 4.We value the participation of employees in corporate citizenship activities and will strive to create opportunities for employees’ participation in these activities

Expenditures on Corporate Citizenship Activities by Area (fiscal year ended March 2022)

Environment 2.5% / Education 19.5% / Arts and sciences 59.6% / Health 6.2% / Disaster relief assistance 6.5% / Other 5.7% / ¥336.203 million

Participation in Nikon Group Corporate Citizenship Activities

Total participants (fiscal year ended March 2022) 2,681 employees

The Nikon Group is working to improve the environment surrounding employee participation in corporate citizenship activities. Besides providing support through systems such as Nikon’s volunteer leave system, we also plan activities that are easy for employees to take part in, and encourage employee participation.

Sustainability Report

For more information, refer to Corporate Citizenship Activities in the Sustainability Report.

Nikon Group Corporate Citizenship Activities

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