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May.31, 2024Announcements

Release of “Responsible Mineral Sourcing Report 2024”

Apr.1, 2024Announcements

Revised “Nikon Code of Conduct”

Mar. 22, 2024News

Nikon Group’s net-zero targets approved by Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative

Mar. 15, 2024News

Received Highest MSCI ESG Rating of AAA for the Second Consecutive Year

Message from the President

Making societies more sustainable and humanity more prosperous and happy.

Looking to society in the year 2030, experts predict a mega-shift in values, how we view life and our lifestyles, social frameworks, and technology. This shift will bring about a transition to Industry 5.0, where people and machines co-create. We want to play a central role in this transition. True to this commitment, we intend to increase our contribution to society, aiming to achieve our Vision 2030 to become a key technology solutions company in a global society where humans and machines co-create seamlessly.

Nikon's Sustainability
Embodies Trustworthiness and Creativity

The Nikon Group defines sustainability as contribution to a sustainable society and achievement of sustainable growth for the company through the realization of its Corporate Philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity in its business activities. The Nikon Group has identified 12 materialities in the four areas of Business Activity, Environment, Society/Labor, and Governance from the two aspects: Meet society's expectations to win Trust and Contribute to society through Creativity. We also defined respective visions and strategies, developing indicators and goals. We incorporated these indicators and targets into Our Medium-Term Management Plan and fiscal year plan as our sustainability strategy, pursuing these goals as an integral part of our business.

Sustainability Strategy Diagram

Sustainable Society Contribution to Sustainable Society and Achievement of Sustainable Growth for the Company / Vision 2030 A Key Technology Solutions Company in a Global Society Where Humans and Machines Co-Create Seamlessly / Contribute to Society through Creativity / Meet Society's Expectations to win Trust / Business Activity : Areas Where Nikon Deliver Value in the Medium-Term Management Plan / Industry / (1)Creating Social Value Through Core Technologies / Quality of Life / (2)Ensuring trustworthiness by maintaining and increasing quality / Environment: (3)Promoting a decarbonized society / (4)Promoting resource circulation / (5)Preventing pollution and conserving ecosystems / Society/Labor: (6)Building a resilient supply chain / (7)Respecting human rights / (8)Diversity, equity & inclusion / (9)Employees' health and safety / Governance: (10)Thorough compliance / (11)Strengthening corporate governance / (12)Strengthening risk management

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Business Activity

At the Nikon Group, in accordance with our Corporate Philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity, we create new value through our business activities that leads to the sustainable development of society. We contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and the realization of a sustainable society where humans and machines co-create more seamlessly to solve societal challenges. We are also a driving force in Monodzukuri (manufacturing), delivery of integrated solutions to providing products and services optimized to meet our customer needs, based on our basic philosophy of Customer First and Quality First.



While climate change is a risk to our business, we also see a business opportunity to contribute to decarbonization and resource circulation by leveraging our core technologies. The Nikon Long-Term Environmental Vision describes our commitment to “Realizing a Decarbonized Society,” “Realizing a Resource Circulating Society,” and “Realizing a Healthy and Environmentally Safe Society.” In this context, we aim to build a sustainable society while balancing environmental friendliness and business growth.



Respecting people is part of how Nikon fulfills our corporate social responsibility to respect human rights and how we recruit and develop the human resources who will be instrumental in our contribution to a more prosperous society. The Nikon Group fosters a corporate culture in which a diverse range of employees work safely and with peace of mind. We also work with procurement partners in our supply chain to ensure business activities take into account health, safety, labor, ethics, and other factors.



Based on our Corporate Philosophy, the Nikon Group fulfills our responsibilities to stakeholders with integrity and sincerity, conducting highly efficient and transparent management to ensure sustainable development in the future. Specifically, we intend to strengthen our governance structure on a global basis and strive to manage and address risks surrounding the Group in a comprehensive manner. In addition, we view compliance as not only observing laws and regulations but also meeting the expectations of our stakeholders and earning their trust. To this end, we strive to ensure that all employees are familiar with and thoroughly understand the Nikon Code of Conduct.



This section details the unique Nikon approach toward creating a sustainable society.

Exploring possibilities for imaging expression with the creators of tomorrow
Riblet Processing — A Technological Innovation for Aircraft Leading Toward Achieving Carbon Neutrality
Contributing to advances in medical and life sciences through synergies with universities and research institutions
Reusing semiconductor lithography systems to reduce waste
Supporting children’s education in Laos
Providing solutions for iPS cell-based drug discovery
Reducing CO₂ emissions from lens manufacturing process through technology
Product Manufacturing and Social Contributions through Sharing Our Vision with Procurement Partners
Fostering “Image Culture” through the Nikon Photo Contest A Conversation with those Inspired by Photography
Worldwide employee training: ensuring Nikon remains a company that people trust
Superior quality born from a collaborative production process

Corporate Citizenship Activities

The Nikon Group strives to be a good corporate citizen, developing in partnership with our communities through corporate citizenship activities and we focus our activities on the next generation.