Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Reasons for Priority

Companies like Nikon that do business on a global scale work with employees who have a variety of social backgrounds and values. To make the most of employee individuality and to generate new innovation, we need to provide attractive workplaces of mutual respect for diversity where all employees can thrive professionally (diversity, equity and inclusion).


The Nikon Group formulated the Nikon Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy, which describes Group-wide diversity, equity and inclusion concepts and policies. Under this policy, we strive to foster a corporate culture where the characteristics and abilities of all team members are accepted and valued. We also strive to create work environments where employees can make the most of their unique talents and strengths.
Further, the Nikon Group is committed to creating sustainable societies by responding to customer needs through corporate activities that respect all aspects of social diversity at large as equally valuable and important.


Vision Realizing a corporate culture that welcomes diversity and harnesses it in business activities
Strategy Spreading awareness of the Nikon Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy, creating an environment in which diverse human resources can participate fully, and applying DEI to business activities
Indicator: Goal (achievement year)
  • Level of awareness of DEI policy*1: 100% (FY2030)
  • Percentage of female managers*2: 8.0% or more (FY2025)
  • *1DEI Policy: Abbreviation for Nikon Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy.
  • *2Scope: Nikon Corporation

Basic Approach

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is essential to the Nikon Group, and forms the foundation upon which we strive to fulfill our social responsibility of respecting human rights, to embody our corporate philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity, and to continue being a company that contributes to a more prosperous and sustainable society. We believe that engaging diverse values, talent, knowledge, experiences, skills and expertise is vital in adapting to a rapidly changing world to meet the needs of our customers and the communities we serve. Such diversity exists within each one of us, shaped by our characteristics and differences, such as age, gender, nationality, and background. Everyone working in the Nikon Group should feel like part of a team where they can perform at their best and feel comfortable in raising their voice, which will help improve decision making and nurture innovation that drives the growth of the Nikon Group.
The Nikon Group clearly states our commitment to DEI in the Nikon Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy (Nikon Global DEI Policy). Based on this policy, the Nikon Group as a whole and as individual companies pursue specific initiatives that take into account local laws and regulations, business characteristics, and other factors. Through DEI-conscious business activities, we respond to social issues and customer needs, contributing to sustainable societies in which all strive together.



To promote DEI throughout the Group, we launched a global implementation system in November 2022. Under this new system, the director in charge of the Nikon Corporate Sustainability Department also serves as the responsible officer in charge of DEI. The secretariat will consist of the Nikon Corporate Sustainability Department and Human Resources Department, as well as the sustainability divisions of each regional headquarters. The secretariat will be responsible for planning and developing Group-wide policies, conducting education, creating communication tools, and supporting the initiatives of each company.
Since priorities related to DEI vary by country, region, and business, specific targets and initiatives will be set for each company and business as a rule, based on local laws and regulations and business characteristics. In addition, the Sustainability Committee will monitor the progress of activities in each region and business, including Group-wide initiatives.

DEI Global Promotion Structure

Sustainability Committee / Report, Monitor / Secretariat / Coordinate, Consult / Develop Policy, Educate, Communicate / Business Units / Nikon Group companies in Japan / Group companies in Europe / Group companies in the Americas / Group companies in Asia/Oceania / Approve, Report, Consult / Each company identifies individual issues, sets KPIs, and implements initiatives

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Fiscal Year 2022 Goals and Results

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Goals for Fiscal Year 2022 Results for Fiscal Year 2022
Increase the ratio of all managers who are female to at least 7.5% Ratio of female managers 6.9% (Systematic training and promotion of management candidates to achieve the target of 8.0% or more by the end of March 2026)
Increase the ratio of female new hires to at least 25% Ratio of female new hires 32.3%
Implement support measures for employees taking childcare or nursing care leave as part of the development and expansion of an environment in which personnel from diverse backgrounds can demonstrate their abilities Introduced a childcare leave system that exceeds legal requirements, in addition to responding to revised laws, as part of our efforts to create comfortable working environments
Provide management education on diversity and inclusion Established the Nikon Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy and distributed the policy to management-level employees

Sustainability Report

For more information, refer to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Sustainability Report.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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