Nikon Report (Integrated Report)

The information on this content is as of August 2023.

Nikon Report is prepared as an integrated report for a better understanding of Nikon's efforts to achieve medium-to long-term growth and corporate value improvements.

Messages from managers

Providing Products and Services Optimized to Meet Our Customer Needs

In the Medium-Term Management Plan, our direction for the entire company will transition from providing mainly end products, and strengthen delivery of solutions integrating with service and components.
We are sustaining our “Main Businesses,” while expanding earnings from our “Strategic Businesses.”


Nikon will promote both growth investments and shareholder returns

By solidly executing the Medium-Term Management Plan, we will link improvements in non-financial value to increases in financial value, and also promote both growth investments and enhance shareholder returns, in order to obtain market recognition.


Dialogue between External Directors

Two of our outside directors will report on efforts and evaluations for improving the effectiveness of the Board of Directors, the concept of capital allocation, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), etc.

Left: Shiro Hiruta (External Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)
Right: Asako Yamagami (External Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)

Value Creation Model


Management Resources


Nikon's Core Strengths

Over its history, spanning more than a century, Nikon has continued to respond to the needs of customers with the technological prowess it has cultivated throughout this history, creating products and services that address social needs while generating innovation. The Nikon brand we have forged through this process is an intangible asset that inspires trust around the world. Even in times of volatility, Nikon will refine the core strengths represented by its technologies and brand to heighten its corporate value.

Management Policy

The Imaging Products Business centered on digital cameras, that has completed restructuring, and the Precision Equipment Business centered on the FPD Lithography and Semiconductor Lithography Businesses are defined as main businesses, while the Healthcare, Components, and Digital Manufacturing Businesses are defined as strategic businesses. Nikon is pursuing both stability and growth.

Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2022 to FY2025)

Towards realization of Vision 2030, our four-year Medium-Term Management Plan that started from April 2022.



Creating value for society through businesses that are mindful of society and the environment.

Key Initiatives for FY2022


Corporate Governance

The Nikon Group is working to bolster its corporate governance through such efforts as improving its internal control system, consolidating its management system, and establishing various committees.


Corporate Data

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