Technology & Design

Introducing the "technology" that creates authenticity and the "design" that captures the essence of the products and services of Nikon.
This organic connection between the two makes up the strength of the Nikon brand.


"Opto-Electronics Technologies" and "Precision Technologies" are the foundation of Nikon's technological dynamism.
With opto-electronics and precision technologies as a basis, Nikon is conducting R&D in a wide range of technologies, such as optics, precision measurement and manufacturing, image processing, materials, and software and systems based on a long-term perspective.

Controlling optics as desired.Opto-Electronics Technologies

This technology allows you to control a wide range of optical wavelengths, from X-rays to infrared light with the highest precision.

Controlling at nanometers.Precision Technologies

Nikon's diverse precision technologies support society in numerous ways, such as its technology for high-precision overlaying of electronic circuits down to the nanometer level (semiconductor lithography systems).

The power created by combining technologies.Combining Technologies

By widely combining and integrating our two core technologies that we have mastered, "Opto-Electronics Technologies" and "Precision Technologies", with related basic and specialized technologies, even more diverse values can be created. Without limiting our development to just the five areas of "Opto-Electronics Technologies", "Image Processing Technologies", "Software and System Technologies", "Precision and Processing Technologies" and "Material Technologies", where we have a proven track record, we will continue to pioneer new areas and promote technological innovation.

Product photo of an optical processing machine


R&D is conducted by the Advanced Technology Research & Development Division, the Optics Division, the Next-Generation Project Division, and the Production Division, as well as by the Imaging, Precision Equipment, Healthcare, and other businesses. Nikon's advanced technologies are developed via the collaboration of the different divisions.

Optical Technologies

Optical technologies that Nikon has accumulated for over a century, and that are the core of optical instrument performance. A wide variety of products are developed through the constant pursuit of innovation.

Product Technology

From Digital SLR Cameras, Semiconductor Lithography Systems, Super-Resolution Microscopes, to non-contact large-volume inspection systems, etc., learn about the wide range of Nikon products and the technology that supports them.

Learn about the results of our research and development activities, focusing on the technologies incorporated into new products and often valued by external organizations such as academic societies.


Nikon design is not just about product colors or shapes. While totally committed to being creative, Nikon also stays connected to customers in order to provide the right solutions for any potential needs and challenges they may be facing. From user experience design of products and services to enhancement of brand value, we continue to expand the scope of our activities through designing with a "future-driven" mindset that envisions what the future should look like.


  • Design for Customer Experience

    We aim to enhance customer experience through products and services UX (user experience), appearance, UI (user interface), and contents such as graphics and movies.

  • Design for Brand Building

    The purpose of Nikon's existence, our vision and the roadmap for the future. Nikon is committed to enhancing engagement with stakeholders, including customers, through various different forms of communication.

  • Design for Innovation

    Nikon creates new value by identifying the potential needs and essential issues of our customers and pairing them with Nikon's diverse technologies.

Read behind-the-scenes stories from the designers about the designs of products and services.

Open Innovation

Nikon initiated a dynamic action plan to achieve open innovation by utilizing external resources. Through various actions such as establishing M&A and alliances, private funds to invest in new ventures, co-operating with venture capital, etc., Nikon is sowing the seeds of future businesses, accelerating the speed of product development and nurturing the establishment of new businesses.


The Nikon way of manufacturing utilizes system optimization from a group-wide perspective as well as consideration of each part of the process from the product development and design stage. To realize the optimal manufacturing process, a common quality management system is introduced and strengthened and this also enables Nikon to deliver products that achieve "Made by Nikon" quality regardless of their production location worldwide.

Intellectual Property Initiatives

For many years, Nikon's efforts to protect its intellectual property such as technology and product patents, designs and trademarks, have been a high priority. These cumulative efforts have served as the driving force that has underpinned the company's ability to continue its operations in an enduring and stable fashion, and has helped us create the value of the Nikon brand that our customers put their trust in.