Company Profile 2023-2024

Company Profile 2023-2024

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Nikon’s unrelenting determination is expressed using the cover image and movie

"Continuing toward the light. Consistently focused on the future and advancing relentlessly." The cover image for our Company Profile 2023-2024, which perfectly portrays Nikon's corporate approach, was filmed and produced on the Heiwajima Stage, a multipurpose film stage operated by the Nikon Creates Corporation, part of the Nikon Group. To truly capture the sentiment and unrelenting determination behind our approach, we made use of the cutting-edge imaging technology available at the Heiwajima Stage to produce a movie at the same time as photographing the cover image. The movie has also been produced as a work that can be enjoyed as a showreel of Nikon Creates Corporation. Please view the movie below and experience the new forms of image expression. (Length: 52 seconds)

A concept movie for the Company Profile by Nikon Creates Corporation

Light and shadow, stillness and dynamic motion. The view shifting slowly, then rapidly.
These diverse expressions evolve through a combination of the creator's aesthetic sense and cutting-edge imaging technology.
We genuinely believe that by watching this movie you will appreciate the new possibilities for image expression.

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The Company Profile Concept Movie by Nikon Creates Corporation is based on a unique artistic vision.
A multitude of ideas and innovative technologies are behind the captivating scenes.
Below, we reveal what went on behind the scenes to produce such expressive images.
Learn what we are currently capable of in image expression.

TECHNOLOGY-01 Volumetric video 1 TECHNOLOGY-01 Volumetric video 2

TECHNOLOGY-01 Volumetric video

The actress in the movie leaps high and floats through the air. A volumetric camera rig is used to achieve her floating effect in a wide-open space full of light.
Utilizing over 100 cameras positioned 360° around the subject to film and create a composite image, the entire space can be converted into high-quality 3D video data, demonstrating that Nikon Creates Corporation's volumetric video can be used in a wide variety of productions. A person's expressions and the movement of their clothes can be realistically reproduced, and parameters like angle and size in post-production can also be freely arranged.
In addition to VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality), which is a fusion of reality and virtuality are also supported. This technology is also expected to be effective in the field of cross reality (XR).
With volumetric video, you can capture from an angle, or move at a speed that would not be possible with conventional cameras. Dynamic expressions that can only be captured through volumetric means were used in the most climactic part of the movie. This technology will not only change how videos are directed and produced, it will also play a crucial role in shaping future forms of image expression.

TECHNOLOGY-02 Virtual production 1 TECHNOLOGY-02 Virtual production 2

TECHNOLOGY-02 Virtual production

In the completed movie, the actress runs through an infinite, white-walled space interspersed with light and shadow. Virtual production is utilized here to make it appear as though she is actually running through this space.
This is achieved with in-camera VFX, a filming method in which 3D backgrounds are displayed on large LED screens and that can be changed in real time based on the camera's position and angle. This allows an actively moving performer and their flowing hair to blend naturally with a CG background in a way that is inconceivable with a conventional green screen setup. For both performers and staff, the ability to see the actual background while filming creates a set where everyone involved with the production is able to share a consistent vision of how the final scene will appear.
Filming with this kind of virtual production also means you are not dependent on the weather and time on location, obviating the need to construct large sets, and reducing costs and helping to contribute to SDGs. You can also choose to display whatever you wish as the 3D background, not merely as a substitute for shooting on location, but also as a blank canvas for video creators to realize their concepts.

TECHNOLOGY-03 The BOLT motion control system 1 TECHNOLOGY-03 The BOLT motion control system 2

TECHNOLOGY-03 The BOLT motion control system

In a space exhibiting bands of light and dark, a woman is standing motionless and looking around, as the camera grandly sweeps by. This motion is achieved thanks to the BOLT high-precision robotic arm developed by MRMC (Mark Roberts Motion Control, Nikon Group).
Controlling zoom, focus, and aperture at high speed, BOLT can achieve camera work incapable by humans. The shot utilizing BOLT in the concept movie would have been difficult to recreate manually due to the complicated combination of horizontal and vertical movements. Once the camera's movements have been determined, BOLT flawlessly repeats the same trajectory and speed hundreds of times, with no time loss due to human error, enabling multiple patterns of movement to be shot in a short space of time.
BOLT can also be used in conjunction with virtual production. For this movie, in-camera VFX was used to sync BOLT's camera movements with CG images displayed on LED screens, changing the background in real time while filming the actress standing in that space.

As is evident from the above, Nikon Creates Corporation has various state-of-the-art systems that can be deployed simultaneously within the same studio, the combination of which can vastly expand the potential of image expression.