Nikon's Sustainability

Basic Approach

The Nikon Group has set forth the Sustainability Policy that as our contribution to a sustainable society and the achievement of sustainable growth for the company through the realization of our corporate philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity in business activities. Under this policy, we established the Nikon Code of Conduct, which embodies Nikon’s basic approach to CSR and lays down standards for employees to follow when taking actions based on this approach.

Sustainability Policy

The Nikon Group aims to both contribute to a sustainable society and achieve sustainable growth for itself by putting into practice the Nikon philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity through our business activities.

  • We are committed to helping solve environmental and social challenges and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our business activities by delivering uniquely Nikon products and services.
  • We aim to do better for the environment and for society by objectively assessing the impact our business has on the environment and society and continually striving to make improvements.
  • Through active dialog with our stakeholders, we stay abreast of changes in society. We also constantly reflect on our own activities to meet stakeholder expectations.
  • We do more than what is required to comply with laws and regulations. We act with integrity and fairness and disclose information appropriately.


The Nikon Group established the Sustainability Committee, chaired by the Representative Director and President and vice-chaired by the director in charge of the Corporate Sustainability Department.
This committee deliberates on overall management and decision-making related to sustainability activities, including identifying materialities, setting targets for materiality issues, checking the progress of each measure, evaluating performance, and directing improvements. The committee also monitors overall sustainability risks with a particular focus on materialities.
In principle, the Sustainability Committee meets twice a year, and the deliberations are reported at least once a year to the Board of Directors, which manages and supervises the appropriateness and effectiveness of activities as well as associated risks.

Sustainability Promotion System (As of March 31, 2023)

The Board of Directors, President, Sustainability Committee, Nikon Business Units and Corporate Administration Divisions, Group companies in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Oceania (Compliance and Sustainability Coordinators), and group companies in Japan/Korea engage in supervision and reporting. The Corporate Sustainability Department and the Sustainability Committee share a secretariat, while the Corporate Sustainability Department and Nikon Business Units, Corporate Administration Divisions, and Regional Headquarters (CSR/Sustainability Department) collaborate and cooperate. Regional Headquarters (CSR/Sustainability Department) and Group companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Oceania (Compliance and Sustainability Coordinators) maintain relationships under a Coordination system (collaborate, request, report).

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Sustainability Strategy in Our Medium-Term Management Plan

On April 7, 2022, the Nikon Group announced our Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2022-2025). This Medium-term Management Plan describes sustainability strategy as one of our management base.
Specifically, the Nikon Group identified 12 materialities in the four areas of Business Activity, Environment, Society/Labor, and Governance, approached from two aspects: Meet society's expectations to win Trust and Contribute to society through Creativity. In particular, we intend to develop businesses actively in the materiality area of Business Activity, providing value in the areas of Industry and Quality of Life (QOL) through technological capabilities centered on the two core technologies we have developed to date: opto-electronics and precision technologies.
We will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and to a sustainable society through initiatives aimed at reaching our aspiration of being a key technology solutions company in a global society where humans and machines co-create seamlessly, as described in our Vision 2030.

Sustainability Strategy Diagram

Sustainable Society Contribution to Sustainable Society and Achievement of Sustainable Growth for the Company / Vision 2030 A Key Technology Solutions Company in a Global Society Where Humans and Machines Co-Create Seamlessly / Contribute to Society through Creativity / Meet Society's Expectations to win Trust / Business Activity : Areas Where Nikon Deliver Value in the Medium-Term Management Plan / Industry / (1)Creating Social Value Through Core Technologies / Quality of Life / (2)Ensuring trustworthiness by maintaining and increasing quality / Environment: (3)Promoting a decarbonized society / (4)Promoting resource circulation / (5)Preventing pollution and conserving ecosystems / Society/Labor: (6)Building a resilient supply chain / (7)Respecting human rights / (8)Diversity, equity & inclusion / (9)Employees' health and safety / Governance: (10)Thorough compliance / (11)Strengthening corporate governance / (12)Strengthening risk management

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Stakeholder Engagement

The Nikon Group believes that stakeholder engagement is essential for companies to fulfill their social responsibilities, and we strive to achieve reciprocal communication with stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and society as a whole. We also work to maintain and develop healthy relationships with them through a variety of opportunities and methods.

Main Forms of Engagement with Stakeholders


Main Stakeholders Methods of Engagement Objectives
  • Call centers and service counters (as required)
  • Responses to customers by departments in charge of sales/services (as required)
  • Sharing of information via the website and other methods (as required)
  • Exhibitions/events (several times a year)
  • News releases via mass media and other methods (as required), etc.
Provision of high quality, high value-added products and services, response to feedback and requests, and provision of appropriate information on products and services
  • General Shareholders’ Meeting (once a year)
  • Announcements (as required)
  • Publishing of various types of printed materials including the NIKON REPORT and interim reports (once a year), etc.
  • Sharing of information via the website and other methods (as required)
  • Financial Results Conference (four times a year)
  • Responding to ESG investment (as required), etc.
Timely and appropriate disclosure of information, acquisition of appropriate evaluation and support from capital markets, fair and highly transparent corporate management, appropriate return of profits
  • Sharing of information via company newsletters, the Group portal site and other methods (as required)
  • Labor and management conferences, and conferences with employee-elected representatives (as required)
  • Reporting and Consulting System (as required)
  • Conducting human rights and labor standards surveys at the Group companies (once a year)
  • Conducting employee awareness surveys and questionnaires (once every one to two years)
  • President’s Town-hall Meetings, etc. (as required)
Active utilization of diverse human resources, provision rewarding work and workplace environment, proper treatment of workers, enhancement of occupational safety and mental health, positive labor-management relationships
Business partners
  • Dialog through everyday business activities (as required)
  • Meetings with procurement partners (once a year)
  • Briefings/surveys/audits/correctional support for procurement partners on CSR procurement(as required)
  • Survey/assessments of the establishment of environmental management systems (as required), etc.
Mutual development through provision of products and services that are useful to society, fair business relationships, smooth sharing of information, joint research and development, and CSR procurement
  • Participation in local events (as required)
  • Collaboration with NGOs/NPOs in Corporate Citizenship Activities (as required)
  • Participation in economic and industry organizations (as required)
  • Consultations with governmental agencies, academic societies/research organizations (as required)
  • Issuing of the Nikon Sustainability Report (once a year), etc.
Compliance with laws and regulations, participation in industry-government-academia collaboration projects, participation in the community as a corporate citizen, contribution to technology development through support for research organizations, and enhancement of our activities through partnerships

Sustainability Report

For more information, refer to the Our Approach to Sustainability, Sustainability Promotion System, and Stakeholder Engagement sections of the Sustainability Report.

  • Basic Approach
  • System
  • Activities Aimed at Raising Employees’ Sustainability Awareness
  • Participation in International Initiatives
  • Basic Approach
  • Engagement with Employees
  • Engagement with Shareholders and Investors
  • External Evaluation