Promoting Resource Circulation

Materiality 4

The Nikon Group is striving to save resources through efforts such as reducing the size and weight of products and the volume and weight of packaging, while also focusing on reducing waste and efficient use of water resources, etc.

Relevant SDGs

  • 6 Clean Water and Sanitation
  • 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Main initiatives and results for the fiscal year ended March 2022

Initiatives Aimed at Reducing Waste, etc.

The amount of waste (excluding valuable resources) generated by the Nikon Group in Japan and by the Group manufacturing companies outside Japan during the fiscal year ended March 2022 was 5,858 tons. This figure represented a year-on-year decrease of 2.2% (131 tons), versus the Group's target of reducing the total amount of waste generated from operations by at least 1% year-on-year (at least 59.9 tons).

Total waste generated (year-on-year change) Reduced2.2%

Water reuse in the manufacturing process

The business facilities and the Group manufacturing companies that make use of considerable amounts of water pay special attention to ensuring that wastewater generated in the production process is properly treated, and endeavor to ensure that as much as possible of the water is reused. The Nikon Group water reuse rate in the fiscal year ended March 2022 was 7.2%, representing an increase of 0.6% compared to the fiscal year ended March 2021. The Nikon Group will keep striving to increase its water reuse rate further.

Water reuse percentage 7.2%

Sustainability Report

For more information, refer to Promoting Resource Circulation in the Sustainability Report.

3R Initiatives for Products and Packaging

  • Sales of Refurbished Semiconductor Lithography Systems and Reuse of Projection Lenses
  • Battery Recycling
  • Recycling and Reuse of Used Nikon Products
  • Recycling of Packaging Materials
  • Reducing Resource Usage in Relation to Packaging and User Manuals

Initiatives Aimed at Reducing Waste, etc.

  • Towards Zero Emissions
  • Waste Reduction Performance
  • Waste Reduction and Resource Circulation Measures

Protection of Water Resources

  • Water Resource Conservation Measures
  • Water Risk Assessments
  • Appropriate Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Withdrawal and Discharge
  • Water Reuse Measures