Corporate Information

Nikon provides products and services based on the core technologies of Opto-Electronics Technologies and Precision Technologies and through its corporate philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity. It is a global company that supports the realization of an even more prosperous society by responding to the hopes and expectations of people and industries.

Messages from Top Management and Vision

Message from the CEO and COO

Message from the CEO, Toshikazu Umatate and COO, Muneaki Tokunari.

Philosophy and Vision

Learn about Nikon's corporate philosophy and vision that form our foundation.

Corporate Data and Activities

The company profile, list of directors, and information on group companies as well as the PDF version of the company profile are available here.

Company Information

Basic Nikon Corporation information.

Directors, Officers and Executive Fellows

Lists directors, officers, executive fellows and their business duties.

Nikon Group Companies

Lists contact information and business domains of Nikon group companies around the world.


Our business domains — Imaging Products, Precision Equipment, Healthcare, Components, and Digital Manufacturing.


Nikon has built a respected brand that is trusted and highly recognized globally.


Introduces Nikon's over-100-year journey with photos and movies.


Nikon Group's Basic Procurement Policy, CSR Procurement and Green Procurement Standards are described with basic guidelines.

Company Profile 2023-2024

The latest Nikon Company Profile can be viewed as a PDF. There is a version for smartphone users.

Learn and Enjoy Light

Special contents suitable for all ages to enjoy learning about matters ranging from the everyday to the universe.

Corporate Movies

This video shares Nikon's initiatives in the areas of focus to realize its Vision 2030 of "becoming a key technology solutions company in a global society where humans and machines co-create seamlessly". The movie “Nikon's Value Proposition” introduces Nikon's new initiatives in four areas, and there are also individual short videos for each area.

Nikon's Businesses

From everyday life to the challenges of global society, Nikon provides a diverse range of products other than just cameras and binoculars.
Learn more about the business activities that Nikon is involved in within its value propositions.

A concept movie for the Company Profile that makes use of cutting-edge technology

For the Company Profile 2023-2024, we shot a movie using cutting-edge imaging technology from Nikon group company Nikon Creates. We are creating a view of the world that could not have been fully realized with previous techniques and equipment, and delivering new possibilities for expression. The movie produced in conjunction with the cover image of the Company Profile 2023-2024 is available at the following link. (Length: 52 seconds)

Enter the world of Nikon

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