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Engaging in Deeper Dialogue
Procurement Partner Meeting

The Nikon Group believes in close communication with our procurement partners and the importance of strengthening relationships. To this end, we invite representatives of major domestic and overseas procurement partners to our annual Procurement Partner Meeting At this meeting, we report on the business environment surrounding Nikon, provide an overview of our business operations, and convey a message from the president.

Engagement Across the Supply Chain
RBA Code of Conduct Promotion Activities

With the aim of enhancing sustainability both within the Nikon Group and in the supply chain, Nikon joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)* in May 2018. The RBA has established the RBA Code of Conduct to ensure that working environments remain safe and workers are treated with respect and dignity, while also setting standards for the fulfillment of environmental and ethical responsibilities within the supply chains of all member companies.
The Nikon Group conducts education and evaluations related to the RBA Code of Conduct at 18 production-related business sites in Japan and overseas to ascertain the status of compliance with the RBA Code of Conduct. Our Corporate Sustainability Department reviews the results and provides feedback to improve and resolve issues at each business site. We also ask procurement partners to implement the RBA self-assessment and make effective use of relevant educational materials.

  • *1The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is an international industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains (labor, occupational health and safety, environment and ethics). Initially, the RBA was founded primarily by three leading U.S. electronics companies; its membership has since expanded to include firms in the automotive, retail and toy manufacturing sectors, among others.

Reviewing Materialities
The Nikon Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy


The Nikon is committed to diversity and inclusion as one of our materialities. Under this materiality, we strive to maximize the abilities of diverse human resources for sustainable improvement of corporate value. In April 2023, we established the Nikon Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy as a common value in the Group.
In considering this policy, we added equity as another perspective to move diversity and inclusion another step forward. We also retitled the related materiality to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Major Activities in Fiscal Year 2022

Critical procurement partners

In compliance with CSR Procurement Standards Approx. 200

Percentage of female managers at Nikon:

Target: 7.5% Results: 6.9%

Severity rate of lost time accidents at the Nikon Group: