Employees' Health and Safety

Materiality 9

Reasons for Priority

Employees’ health and safety are the foundations of the company’s activities. Ensuring health and safety requires systems and work environments in which employees understand the importance of their own health and safety and participate voluntarily in health and safety activities. Such activities include medical checkups , health and safety training, and safety-related risk assessments.


To achieve Vision 2030 as defined in our Medium-Term Management Plan, the Nikon Group is committed to creating workplace environments in which all Group employees can work with a sense of health, safety, and well-being.
Specifically, the Company and employees work together to implement the following priority issues as outlined in the Nikon Group Health and Safety Declaration of March 2023.

  1. 1.Maintaining and promoting good health of the employees (increasing health literacy)
  2. 2.Preventing occupational accidents through thorough legal compliance and safety management
  3. 3.Creating a vibrant work environment through dialogue (making two-way communication easier and more comfortable for both parties)


Vision Allowing each individual to fulfill physical and mental health in a safe and comfortable working environment
Strategy Raising awareness of the Nikon Group Health and Safety Policy and implementing health and safety activities
Indicator: Goal (achievement year)
  • Percentage of findings in periodic health checkups*1: Below the previous national average*2 (every fiscal year)
  • Occupational accidents that are attributable to work and related to the performance of work: 60 or less (FY2025)
  • High stressed person rates in stress checks*1: Below the previous national average*3(every fiscal year)
  • *1Scope: Nikon Corporation
  • *2National average for the manufacturing industry as published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • *3National average as published by stress check contractors

Basic Approach

Every year, the Nikon Group defines priority issues and achievement standards within the Nikon Group Health and Safety Activity Policies. By conducting health and safety activities based on this policy, we aim to ensure the health and safety of our employees, who are the foundation of our corporate activities, as well as to improve employee productivity.
At the Central Health and Safety Committee Meeting held March 2023, the committee made the decision to advocate for a new Health and Safety Declaration. The committee also identified three priority issues to achieve this declaration, stated in the Nikon Group Health and Safety Policy. We began operating under this new policy in fiscal year 2023, defining the standards of achievement for each fiscal year under Health and Safety Activities.

Health and Safety Declaration, Priority Issues Under the Nikon Group Health and Safety Policies

Health and Safety Declaration

We will create workplaces where all those who work in Nikon Group can feel safe in the knowledge that their health, safety, and general well-being are a priority for the respective companies. With that knowledge, each and every employee will perform their duties willingly and enthusiastically to help the Nikon Group achieve its goal of becoming a key technology solutions company in a global society where humans and machines co-create seamlessly.

Major Issues

  1. 1.Maintaining and promotion good health of the employees (increasing health literacy)
    Employees will be aware of the importance of good physical and mental health, and will take an active role in checking, maintaining, and improving their health.
  2. 2.Preventing occupational accidents through thorough legal compliance and safety management
    Under the respective health and safety management systems, we will carry out preventative measures, such as safety patrols, work risk assessments, safety education, and activities that develop employees’ ability to sense and identify danger in the workplace.
    Accident case studies from, and safety activities implemented by, Nikon Group around the world will be shared and used to develop measures that prevent recurrence at any Group company.
  3. 3.Creating a vibrant work environment through dialogue (making two-way communication easier and more comfortable for both parties)
    We will create a pleasant and rewarding work environment through promoting mutual understanding, trust, and a sense of solidarity.


We established the Central Health and Safety Committee Meeting, which consists of representatives from both labor and management and chaired by the general manager of the Group Governance & Administration Division, who is also a representative director.
This Central Health and Safety Committee Meeting conducts assessments and verifies the status of regular health checkups, health checkups for employees working excessive overtime, stress checks, etc. The committee also assesses and verifies occupational accidents (analyzed by business site, accident type, and attribute) occurring in the Nikon Group in Japan. After work is completed in the committee, we deliberate and approve Health and Safety Activities for the upcoming fiscal year based on the Nikon Group Health and Safety Policies. These Health and Safety Activities define standards of achievement for each priority issue and provides examples of effective measures, which we communicate throughout the Nikon Group in and outside Japan.
Each of the Nikon Group business locations in Japan conducts health and safety activities in accordance with occupational health and safety laws, regulations, and the Nikon Health and Safety Regulations. As one example of activities conducted to deter occupational accidents, the general health and safety manager of each business location takes the lead in performing regular on-site inspections.
Group companies outside Japan follow the laws of their respective countries to establish health and safety management systems. Every year, Nikon conducts a survey of Group companies outside Japan regarding occupational accidents. We also share information on accidents that have occurred in the Nikon Group in Japan with our Group companies outside Japan.

Fiscal Year 2022 Goals and Results

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Goals for Fiscal Year 2022 Results for Fiscal Year 2022
Reduce the annual incidence of occupational accidents attributable to work or related to the performance of work to 40 cases or less We conducted accident risk confirmations and safety education as planned; we noted 27 cases of applicable occupational accidents for the full year.
Re-establish a global health and safety management system to reduce work-related and work performance-related accidents. Confirmed measures taken at two Group companies in Europe and two Group companies in Asia where applicable occupational accidents occurred.

Sustainability Report

For more information, refer to Employees' Health and Safety in the Sustainability Report.

Employees' Health and Safety

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