Worldwide employee training: ensuring Nikon remains a company that people trust


Nikon professionals in each global region are leading training programs for the Group’s 20,000-plus employees, so they know exactly what is expected of them as members of Nikon.

The newly revised Nikon Code of Conduct

When people envision a corporate code of conduct, they might imagine work rules or company regulations. The Nikon Code of Conduct, however, provides guidelines for employees to conduct everyday work activities from an ethical standpoint.

The Nikon Group revised the Nikon Code of Conduct in January 2018, modifying the content to reflect rapid changes in today’s global business environment. The new code has been compiled in 16 languages to ensure that employees worldwide understand it fully.

To highlight the importance of the code’s content and ensure that employees embrace it when considering their actions in the workplace, the Group created clearly-presented teaching materials that incorporate videos and informative Q&A content. Training professionals have been actively disseminating these materials and sharing the new code with employees in every country the Group operates.

Let’s listen to what some of the training professionals have to say.

Empowering employees through worldwide training

“I explained to everyone how the Code of Conduct provides a dependable foundation for making the right judgements as Nikon employees.
The workshop materials are clearly presented in Spanish, so the participating employees were very keen to understand the details and what the company expects of them.”

Rocio Ramirez Nikon Latin America, S.A.

“Making sure department heads understood the importance of educating employees on the new Code of Conduct was a crucial first step. At a company-wide meeting, the company president then set the tone by declaring our commitment to working together on this task.
Many employees are already positively adopting the new Code of Conduct, and some vocalized how it demonstrates the company’s integrity.”

Sy Chang Nikon Precision Taiwan Ltd.

“At Nikon, curiosity, acceptance, and inspirational power are “Our Qualities of Mind,” and we tried to emphasize them even more through the Code of Conduct.
To help employees better understand the new code, we set aside time for them to engage in discussion with each other and offer their own views.”

Rachel Lee Say Nee Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

OutlookEnsuring Nikon remains a company that people trust

Earning people’s trust and acting with integrity are necessary for Nikon to grow together with society. Accordingly, it is essential for each employee to understand and apply the Nikon Code of Conduct.

The Nikon Group will continue working to ensure that the Code of Conduct is adopted and put into practice in all of our workplaces, as we strive to realize Nikon’s corporate philosophy of “Trustworthiness and Creativity”

  • *Affiliations and job descriptions are current as of the time of the interview.