Customize/OEM (industrial use)

Our highly integrated stages of “design/development”, “production” and “quality assurance” provide high standards in design and manufacture of customized industrial lenses, OEM lenses, mount adapters for customers.

Design/development, production and quality assurance


Designers with expertise in manufacturing are utilizing Nikon's unique technology and know-how to design and develop lenses and mounts. With this team of engineers, specifications can be optimized in details to meet customer's requirements and budget.


The vertically integrated production system from polishing of lenses to processing and assembly is great advantage of Nikon. This allows us to provide stable production with high accuracy and high quality, as well as fast delivery at low cost.

Quality assurance

Strict quality control system of inspection at each production stage, as well as final overall inspections of complete product are in place to ensure high quality products to reach our customers.

F mount adapter (for industrial use)

Adapter that converts from F mount to the connection requested by customer


  • Strength and rigidity equivalent to Nikon's high-end SLR cameras
  • The connecting mount is customized according to customer's specification


  • Estimates available according to specification and quantity.

Delivery date

  • Approximately 2 months after placing an order