Calcium Fluoride (NICF Series)

NICF series has been developed for lenses used in semiconductor lithography systems that require extreme precision and durability.
NICF series is a high-quality single crystal suitable for optical systems that use ultraviolet/infrared regions.



  • Optics for ultraviolet and high-power lasers
  • Lens materials and optics for semiconductor and FPD lithography systems
  • Lens materials and optics for industrial inspection equipment
  • Camera lenses
  • Telescope lenses
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Optical grades and features

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Grade Recommended wavelength Features
NICF-V VUV region ArF (193 nm) Highest grade within the NICF series; very high laser durability
Transmittance up to the vacuum ultraviolet region (≦200 nm) guaranteed
NICF-A ArF (193 nm) Transmittance up to ArF excimer laser (193 nm) guaranteed
NICF-U KrF (248 nm) Transmittance up to KrF excimer laser (248 nm) guaranteed
NICF-S Ultraviolet/visible regions Standard NICF series grade
Most suited to optical systems that use visible light or i-line (365 nm)
Visible/infrared regions Most suited to optical systems that use visible/infrared regions

Transmittance range

The transmittance range for NICF-V is up to F2 (157 nm). The transmittance range for NICF-A is up to ArF (193 nm). The transmittance range for NICF-U is up to KrF (248 nm). The transmittance range for NICF-S is the i-line (365 nm) or visible light.
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