3. Supporting larger glass plates and higher definition panels

Larger glass plates and higher definition panels. FX-103SH/103S supports the Gen 10.5 glass plate.

Today, the maximum size of a glass plate is the 10.5th-generation plate, and the size of the Gen 10.5 plate is as wide as 3.37 x 2.94 meters.
Nikon supports this Gen 10.5 plate with the cutting-edge FX-103SH/103S, which is capable of efficiently producing large-size panels of more than 65 inches.

In order to manufacture high-definition FPDs, various technologies, including accurate exposure through lenses, accurate positioning of a glass plate, measurement and adjustment of distortion on the surface of a glass plate, are required. Nikon has independently developed these technologies and applied them to its FPD lithography systems to achieve high precision and high productivity at the same time.