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Biotechnology / Medical

Improving the quality of life for people everywhere, super-resolution microscopes, cell solutions for regenerative medicine/drug discovery support, and inspection/diagnostic solutions in the field of retinal imaging are provided.

Observation / Inspection Upright Microscopes Upright Microscopes

For observing specimen slides from above

Observation / Inspection Inverted Microscopes Inverted Microscopes

For observing specimens from below

Observation / Inspection Cell Culture Observation Systems Cell Culture Observation Systems

Provide optimal environment for live cells and enable automatic observation

Observation / Inspection Polarizing Microscopes Polarizing Microscopes

For observing polarization properties of samples with contrast and color change

Observation / Inspection Stereo Microscopes Stereo Microscopes

Enable observation via stereoscopic images of specimens

Observation / Inspection Ophthalmology Instruments Ophthalmology Instruments

Provide comprehensive solutions for ophthalmology

Inspection of Medical Instruments Measuring Instruments Measuring Instruments

For measuring sizes/shapes of precision parts

Inspection of Medical Instruments CNC Video Measuring Systems CNC Video Measuring Systems

Automated video measurement of sizes/shapes of precision parts

Inspection of Medical Instruments X-ray/CT Inspection Systems X-ray/CT Inspection Systems

For measuring internal/external dimemsions without disassembling the product

Support for Research / Development Super-resolution Microscopes Super-resolution Microscopes

For observing structures and functions of living cells

Support for Research / Development Confocal Microscopes Confocal Microscopes

Observation of 3D structure of cell/organization, and high-speed 4D observation

Support for Research / Development Evaluation Systems for Cell Quality and Cultivation Process Evaluation Systems for Cell Quality and Cultivation Process

Development and support for evaluation systems for cell culture/regenerative medicine/drug discovery support

Support for Research / Development Contract Cell Manufacturing Contract Cell Manufacturing

Diverse contract development/manufacturing services for cells for regenerative medicine

Parts / Units Absolute Encoders Absolute Encoders

Sensors capable of detecting absolute rotational displacement values

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