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Machinery / Heavy Industry / Construction

Contributing greatly to the improvement of operational efficiency and safety by offering high-precision, non-destructive, non-contact measurement/inspection systems, as well as various parts for industrial robots and machine tools.

Measurement / Inspection / Analysis Measuring Instruments Measuring Instruments

For measuring sizes/shapes of precision parts

Measurement / Inspection / Analysis CNC Video Measuring Systems CNC Video Measuring Systems

Automated video measurement of sizes/shapes of precision parts

Measurement / Inspection / Analysis 3D Metrology Systems 3D Metrology Systems

For non-contact, highly accurate, 3D measurement

Measurement / Inspection / Analysis X-ray/CT Inspection Systems X-ray/CT Inspection Systems

For measuring internal/external dimemsions without disassembling the product

Measurement / Inspection / Analysis Industrial Microscopes Industrial Microscopes

Versatile observation with high optical performance

Measurement / Inspection / Analysis Microscope Components Microscope Components

Built-in components for image observation on production lines

Measurement / Inspection / Analysis Digital Micrometer System 'Digimicro' Digital Micrometer System "Digimicro"

Indication of thickness/differences of parts in units of 0.01μm

Measurement / Inspection / Analysis Surveying Instruments (Total Stations) Surveying Instruments (Total Stations)

Advanced autofocus and multiple functions packed into a light and compact body

Parts / Units Industrial Lenses Industrial Lenses

Compatible with high-resolution, large line-sensor cameras

Parts / Units Absolute Encoders Absolute Encoders

Sensors capable of detecting absolute rotational displacement values

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