2. The FPD lithography system patterns* thin film transistor (TFT) onto a glass plate

LCD manufacturing process
OLED manufacturing process

On 4K (UHD=Ultra HD) displays, the number of pixels is more than 8 million. Since TFTs for red, green, and blue are attached to each pixel, the number of switches becomes more than 24 million. High-definition images are represented by controlling these TFTs. The FPD lithography system patterns precise TFTs onto a glass plate.

The FPD lithography system irradiates light onto a photomask on which the original TFT circuit patterns are drawn, and the light exposes the patterns onto the glass plate through a lens. On a large glass plate, the exposure process is repeated several times in order to form the patterns onto the entire plate.

The Nikon FPD lithography system uses the multi-lens scanning method to achieve superior accuracy and productivity.

TFT manufacturing process