Wafer Inspection System


Simple and speedy manual visual inspection of 300mm wafers
Contributes to dramatic increases in yields as an inline inspection system and analysis tool for R&D defect analysis.

  • High transfer stability
    The OPTISTATION-3000 inherits a system that boasts the high system stability and high-transfer rate, proven in front in front end process, of the review system OPTISTATION series.
    The system provides the highest system reliability in its class, using a safety design that complies with SEMI standards.
  • Enhanced macro observation functions
    In addition to macro surface inspection, the system comes standard with edge inspection and the center of wafer back sides.
    The control of rotation speed and tilt andgle during macro inspection can be manually adjusted from the default position using a joysitck.
  • Extra-long working distance lens
    Equipped with Nikon's proprietary CFI60 optics to produce clear images with high contrast and minimal flare.
    The system comes standard with extra-long working distance lens and this suppresses image skipping when switching objectives from low to high magnification, enabling the system to deliver superior operatability and stability, combined with high resolution.
  • New system enables transfer of warped wafers
    A new robotic arm for transferring warped wafers has been developed on proprietary Nikon technology.
    Nikon's special robotic arm, wafer contact technology, and support sequence enable the safe and sure transfer of highly warped wafers.
  • Combined transfer for 200-300mm wafers on a single unit
    Loading a 200-mm cassette adapter enables the combined transfer of 200-300mm wafers on a single unit.
    There is no need for bothersome adjustments when making inch-size changes thanks to the load port's auto recognition of cassettes and the design of two-size shared parts. System uptime is thereby dramatically improved.