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Re-opening of the Museum and Extension of Special Exhibition

Nikon Museum, which has been temporarily closed since March 2 (Mon) to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, re-opened on June 30 (Tue). The museum is also extending the period of the “Taizo Ichinose, the Reality of War, the People Who Live Within the Smoke of Gunpowder” special exhibition, which was suspended because of the museum’s closure, to September 26 (Sat).
The museum's services have resumed, but it is closed on Mondays in addition to Sundays and national holidays, and shortened opening hours, reservation-only admissions, and limitations on the number of visitors have been instituted in order to prevent further infections. For more information, please refer to the “Notification concerning attendance after museum re-opening” below.

  • *Nikon Museum will close, or implement the required measures with respect to the spread of infection, according to circumstances and in line with the requirements of the Japanese and Tokyo Metropolitan governments.

Summer break

Nikon Museum will be closed from August 9 (Sun) to August 11 (Tue) for summer break. During this period, it is not possible to make reservations to visit the museum.

  • *For reservations and inquiries made during the summer break, we will reply after the break has ended. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.