Various Nikon goods are available in the shop, including Japanese-style washcloths and tote bags.

Commemorative items marking
the 60th anniversary of the Nikon F

Each item is a limited edition and is available while stocks last. These are for sale in the museum shop only, and are not available by mail order.

Nikon F mug

An original mug featuring an illustration, product logo and the key features of the Nikon F.
1,300 yen (with tax)
Limited number: 150

Nikon F washcloth

A Japanese-style washcloth featuring a design drawing, product logo and the key features of Nikon F.
1,200 yen (with tax)
Limited number: 300

Nikon F perspective plate

An acrylic perspective plate of the Nikon F camera, engraved with its handwritten internal structures and 73 part names. (The camera in the image is not included.)
2,200 yen (with tax)

Poster of the history of Nikon cameras (2019)

An A1-size poster with images of 169 Nikon camera models (mainly interchangeable lens cameras). A commemorative version marking the 60th anniversary of the Nikon F, printed with the “F” logo.
1,200 yen (with tax)

Nikon Museum limited items

Introduces items available only at the Nikon Museum

“Nikon Yokan” (bite-sized sweet jellied dessert)

In original limited-design packaging created especially for the Nikon Museum. 5 piece sets and 10 piece sets are available.
5 piece set: 700 yen (with tax)
10 piece set: 1,200 yen (with tax)

Tote bag

With SLR camera and interchangeable lens design. Suitable for daily use.
1,200 yen (with tax)

How to purchase

How to purchase goods from the Shop.
Cash and Japanese prepaid IC transport cards can be used for payment.

Available Nikon goods are displayed in the left side of the museum’s entrance.
Purchase tickets for desired items from the ticket machine.
Give the tickets to the check desk to exchange for Nikon goods.