Special Exhibitions

Nikon Museum holds uniquely-themed special exhibitions relating to Nikon products and projects.

Current Event

Special Exhibition “Nikon Advertisements in Camera Magazines, 1949–1977”

Dates: March 1, 2022 (Tue) ? August 27, 2022 (Sat)

Nikon Museum is holding a “Nikon Advertisements in Camera Magazines, 1949–1977” exhibition from March 1, 2022 to August 27, 2022.

For photo enthusiasts and camera fans, advertisements in camera magazines have served as not only advertisements for products, but have been an important information source regarding cameras and lenses, and reading such advertisements in magazines has been a source of great pleasure for these enthusiasts and fans. In addition, advertisements themselves have changed widely over time in terms of designs and texts, meaning that they are in themselves interesting.

In this exhibition, we have selected approximately 300 advertisements of Nikon (Nippon Kogaku, at that time) from those published in the camera magazine Asahi Camera (of which the final issue was the July 2020 issue) from the October 1949 issue to the December 1977 issue, printed them on large panels, and exhibited them. Please enjoy seeing the changes in, and improvements to, magazine advertisements. In addition, approximately 50 products that appear in the advertisements, such as the Nikon Camera (Nikon I), Nikon F, Nikon F2 and NIKKOR lenses, are also exhibited.

  • *Some of the exhibited advertisements contain words that would have to be carefully considered before being used in advertisements today, but we have decided to exhibit them without any change, as historical sources, to show the original meaning.
Exhibits Approximately 300 magazine advertisements
Approximately 50 cameras and lenses that appear in the advertisements
Cooperation Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.
JCII Camera Museum
Nikon Camera (Nikon Model I) and NIKKOR lenses, October 1949 issue
Nikon F, May 1959 issue

Past Events

Special Exhibition “Nikon F2 50th Anniversary and Unknown Cine NIKKOR”

Dates August 31, 2021 ? February 26, 2022
Exhibits The first Nikon F2
Nikon F2 Titanium Uemura Special
Approximately 20 Nikon F2s in combination with various accessories
Approximately 30 Cine NIKKOR lenses etc.
Cooperation Uemura Museum Tokyo
Bungeishunju Ltd.

Special Exhibition “Astronomical Telescopes, Our Guides to the Beauty of Stars”

Dates March 2, 2021 ? August 28, 2021
Exhibits Ten astronomical telescope models
Objective lens for 8-inch Equatorial Refractor
Astronomical photographs taken by current and former Nikon group employees

Special Exhibition “Nikon Museum Special Collection 2”

Dates September 29, 2020 ? February 27, 2021
Exhibits Approximately 60 items including cameras, measuring instruments and industrial equipment
Underwater photographs taken using “NIKONOS” series

Special Exhibition “Taizo Ichinose, the Reality of War, the People Who Live Within the Smoke of Gunpowder”

Dates January 6, 2020 ? September 26, 2020
Exhibits Approximately 40 photos taken in battlefields in Cambodia and Vietnam
Approximately 15 mementos including a Nikon F camera, a press armband, a helmet and autographed letters
Supervisor Kyoko Nagafuchi
Cooperation Takeo City Library, Takeo City Library and History Museum

Special Exhibition “Memories of Railways, 1969–1976, in cooperation with the Nagoya Rail Archives”

Dates October 1, 2019 ? December 26, 2019
Exhibits Approximately 180 railway photos
Railway- related materials including tickets and time tables
Cooperation Incorporated non-profit organization Nagoya Rail Archives

Special Exhibition “Photographing the Wonder of Science”

Dates July 2, 2019 ? September 28, 2019
Exhibits Approximately 20 scientific photos taken by Kunio Ichiji

Special Exhibition “Nikon Museum Special Collection”

Dates April 2, 2019 ? June 29, 2019
Exhibits Approx. 30 items including cameras, measuring instruments and industrial equipment

Special Exhibition “Rokuro Yoshida Photo Exhibition — Snow Crystals”

Dates October 2, 2018 ? December 27, 2018
Exhibits 60 photos of snow crystals
Movie “Observation of Snow and Crystals” (1960, Toei)
Commentary panels explaining the formation and classification of snow crystals, etc.
Large photo panels
Arrangement Mr. Akifumi Yoshida
Cooperation Toei Company
The Nakaya Ukichiro Foundation
The Ukichiro Nakaya Museum of Snow And Ice
Dr. Akira Yamashita, Emeritus Professor of Osaka Kyoiku University
The late Dr. Keiji Higuchi, Emeritus Professor of Nagoya University, and his family

Special Exhibition “Prototype Lenses — Fascinating Images Captured by the Nikon Z 7 Mirrorless Camera”

Dates October 2, 2018 ? December 27, 2018
Exhibits Approx. 60 prototype lenses
Sample photos

Special Exhibition “100 Years of Nikon Binoculars”

Dates July 3, 2018 ? September 29, 2018
Exhibits Approx. 300 binoculars
Product brochures
Women’s dresses
Cooperation The National Museum of Nature and Science
Sugino Gakuen Dressmaker Gakuin

Special Exhibition “Ultra-Micro-NIKKOR — a Genealogy of the World’s Highest Resolution Lenses”

Dates April 3, 2018 ? June 30, 2018
Exhibitions About 40 lenses including Ultra-Micro-NIKKOR lenses
About 40 electronic devices

Special Exhibition “HIROTA’S F PERIOD”

Dates January 5, 2018 ? March 31, 2018
Exhibits Over 60 photos
Movies including a special interview
Movies of new photographs
Photo equipment, etc.

Fourth (Final) 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition “The World of F-mount NIKKOR”

Dates October 3, 2017 ? December 27, 2017
Exhibits Approximately 400 F-mount NIKKOR lenses, a celestial globe with a Fisheye NIKKOR lens, and more

The Third 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition ”A Century of Memories — David Douglas Duncan”

Dates July 4, 2017 ? September 30, 2017
Exhibits 24 photographs, interviews, and more
Cooperation Joseph McNally Studio
Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin

The Second 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Prototype Cameras — Developers' Memories”

Dates April 4, 2017 ? July 1, 2017
Exhibits Approx. 40 prototype cameras

100th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Naomi Uemura — Camera Techniques in Polar Regions”

Dates January 5, 2017 ? April 1, 2017
Exhibits Approx. 20 photos and approx. 20 items of equipment
Cooperation Uemura Museum Tokyo, Toyooka-city Uemura Naomi Memorial Museum, Bungeishunju Ltd.

Special exhibition “Hana Utage — Flower Banquet”

Dates October 4, 2016 ? December 27, 2016
Exhibits “Petals of the Sun”, “Roses”
Cooperation Shotaro Akiyama Photo Art Museum

Special exhibition “Walk with Yusaku Kamekura”

Dates July 4, 2016 ? October 1, 2016
Exhibits Approximately 70 Kamekura-designed items, mainly Nikon materials
Cooperation Yusaku Kamekura Library, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. CREATION GALLERY G8, The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Osaka Prefectural Expo '70 Commemorative Park Office, JCII Camera Museum, and oters

Special exhibition “The beauty of Mt. Fuji, a mountain beloved beyond time — Koyo Okada”

Dates April 1, 2016 ? June 30, 2016
  • “SNOW DAY”
Cooperation Koyo Okada Photo Art Museum

Special exhibition “Through the eyes of Ken DOMON”

Dates January 5, 2016 ? March 31, 2016
Exhibits From the second collection of A Pilgrimage through Old Temples
“Right Arms of the Thousand-arm Kannon at the Toshodai-ji”
“Left Arms of the Thousand-arm Kannon at the Toshodai-ji”
Cooperation Ken Domon Museum of Photography

Special exhibition “Ihei Kimura — Lass”

Dates October 17, 2015 ? December 26, 2015
Exhibits “Lass”