Philosophy & Vision

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Creating our next 100
years with light

What Nikon has always cherished is “Trustworthiness and Creativity”, our corporate philosophy. This will remain unchanged in the future.

AI and robotics have begun to spread rapidly throughout our lives and industry, taking our society through a huge evolution. About five hundred million years ago, creatures evolved the sensory organ called the “eye”, resulting in an explosive increase in new species. The optical technologies that Nikon has been refining since it was established can be critical technologies, cooperating with AI, to support industry and social evolution by evolving to become the “eyes” of all the products surrounding us. Nikon’s role will increasingly grow as we advance into the future.

“Unlock the future with the power of light”
This phrase represents our commitment to take important steps toward a better future with light. The current restructuring we are conducting includes preparations in diverse fields for new growth, and the inauguration of the Precision Components & Modules Business that delivers solutions by utilizing our key strengths such as optical technologies is one of these preparations.

By providing diverse products, services and solutions, we will continue to be a brand in which everyone can feel “Trustworthiness and Creativity”. This is our mission.

Kazuo Ushida
Representative Director
Chairman of the Board

Our Philosophy

Trustworthiness and Creativity

Our corporate philosophy is “Trustworthiness and Creativity.” These are simple words, but they are not easily put into practice. These important words represent unchanging principles to which we will always be dedicated.

Our Vision

Unlock the future with the power of light

Unleashing the limitless possibilities of light.
Striving to brighten the human experience.
Focused, with purpose, on a better future for all.

Our Qualities of Mind


We show our passion for progress through
a wide range of interests to cultivate fresh ideas.


We warmly embrace diverse ideas
and delight in differences among people and cultures.

Inspirational Power

We share our ideas with infectious enthusiasm
to effect positive change in the world.

Medium Term Management Plan

Provides Medium Term Management Plan announced on May 9, 2019.