IR Information Disclosure Policy

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Basic Disclosure Policy

In line with its corporate philosophy of "Trustworthiness and Creativity", Nikon's basic approach is to actively disclose corporate information in a fair manner.
As well as observing the rules on timely disclosure of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we continue to foster a deeper understanding among shareholders and investors by providing a wide range of information covering everything from management stance, business activities and products to technology.

Method of Information Disclosure

When disclosing material corporate information under the rules on timely disclosure, Nikon discloses such information through the Tokyo Stock Exchange's timely disclosure network (TDnet) and other avenues. With regard to other information, Nikon utilizes the most appropriate methods for disclosure depending on the content of the information. Such disclosure methods include news releases and public announcements, as well as briefing sessions and presentations, and publication in printed materials. As a general rule, any such disclosed information also appears in this website, ensuring fair and prompt disclosure of relevant information.