Q&A of Conference for the Medium Term Management Plan in 2013

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The following includes questions and answers at the Conference for the Medium Term Management Plan on May 9, 2013.

Q.What can you tell us about why you chose the "health and medical field" as the target for your new business?

The "health and medical field" was chosen as the target of our new business because of the synergy it will create with our core technologies (optics technologies, ultra-precision control technologies, image processing technologies, inspection technologies), and in consideration of its compatibility with our brand. Within this field, we will focus mainly on "analysis and diagnosis." We will work to establish a business system based on the themes of image analysis and diagnosis at a genetic and cellular level, and development of equipment and systems for supporting appropriate medical treatments and drug discovery, among others. We are going to establish the business within the planned fiscal year as outlined in the Medium Term Management Plan, and eventually expand the business to a level of around 100 billion yen in sales.