Jan. 10, 2017Binoculars

Tools must always be reliable The design we created has values that will not be affected by the passing of time,
so it is viable for the next 10 or 20 years.

“ want to create genuine tools
that express what Nikon represents.”Mr. Tatsuya Kobayashi, Product Designer

The design concept of MONARCH HG binoculars is intended to express reliability and safety so that users feel “Everything will go well when I'm using these” in a wide range of situations. So we took great care over details and choice of materials, to aim for a product that provides a high-class impression.

Binoculars that live up to the series name

Conventional binoculars generally use a rubber material covered bridge section, but in this case, a magnesium-alloy die-casting was adopted. By reducing rubber usage, we aim to express a more sophisticated, sharper impression while also making the design thinner and lighter in weight.

Using magnesium-alloy die-casting for the forming, the surface becomes rougher. In order to adjust this with the coatings, we strived to discover which coating most effectively reduces the rough surface while retaining a glossy feel and metallic textures.

Also, we've adjusted the solidity of the rubber on the grip. To strengthen the rubber texture, various adjustments were made to details such as the shape and depth of the embossing.

Changing the design approach for more secure holding

The diameter of the MONARCH HG's body tubes is narrower so that even someone with small hands or a weak grip can still hold the binoculars naturally.

Keeping to an ergonomic concept, which is the strength of conventional products, nonessential elements are removed, leading to MONARCH HG binocular design based on simple straight lines.

Also, the ergonomics that conventional products realize are applied in other details as well as the narrower tubes.

For example, the user's thumbs fit in indentations located on the inner part of the tubes. Positioning them where the strongest pressure is applied by the thumbs when holding ensures secure holding. We discussed whether to make indentations on the actual tubes, and which shape would best support every way of holding, finally achieving the simple, most effective shape for the MONARCH HG.

Creating new caps that deliver a sense of unity with the body

We had preferences not only for the body, but also for providing unity with accessories. We judges that users' opinions about “attaching caps” or “not attaching caps” are somewhat divided, depending on each situation.
Based on this research, MONARCH HG has ring-style caps which attach to the top of the body directly instead of using a band. According to the situation, a ring with caps or a ring without caps can be attached. Designing this to achieve a smooth transition to the body without unevenness realizes a simple, seamless form.

A unified style and world of binoculars

When purchasing MONARCH HG binoculars, an exclusive case to store them is included in the package. To unify the product style, it is a simple design in black. Also, usually the package would have a product picture on it, but this time the style is different. A subdued, black box with the company logo and gold product logo projects its class.

In this way, MONARCH HG unites its concept and the world in every aspect, with every facet of the design innovated.

We will be satisfied if users sense Nikon's flagship atmosphere not only from the actual products but also including the packages and case.