Jan. 10, 2017CNC image measurement system

New-generation NEXIV design

Our CNC video measuring systems, the NEXIV series, perform quick, automatic measurement of dimensions and shapes of various components. These systems have cultivated many loyal customers among manufacturing industries. To commemorate these products' rebranding after approx. 10 years, we introduced a design renewal.

Enhanced design as a new value
of measuring systemsMr. Sumito Watanabe, Product Designer

Users looked for convenient functions, good performance and reasonable prices in the 1st and 2nd generation NEXIV series. In recent years, however, we learned that highlighting only these aspects is no longer as effective as before. Better design has increased in importance as an added value. We wanted to project a fresh image of the NEXIV series as Nikon's industrial instrument products by introducing a different design. Through meticulous, repeated study of operators and the operational environment, we crafted a new design for these products that clearly illustrates their evolution from former generations and differentiates them from those of competitors.

Our design needed to show a drastic change in a way that symbolizes the new generation, while improving operability. This important project, that would decide the fresh face of the series, began with drafting a range of design images and repeatedly holding discussions with the project team members of various departments from the early phases of development. This caused disagreements sometimes, but we proceeded by tenaciously exploring and discussing what kinds of design would make the most dynamic impression for the series's new generation while illustrating changes in cultural trends and requirements.

Overhauling the whole NEXIV series

In order to create the strongest impression, we paid special care to the form and material of the adjustable zooming head, where it catches everyone's eyes. We chose a transparent panel for the front with a white panel at the back, while keeping a clean surface. Employing a transparent panel like this is extremely unusual in the industrial instrument market. The other components were designed in dark gray, emphasizing the contrast in colors and textures. This would draw users' attention to the front panel, projecting an agile and sophisticated feel. This readily recognizable head design was shared among the series to create more consistency in the body design.

Harmony with users and the environment

The flat, transparent front panel allows easy wiping away of dirt, delivering a beautifully clean impression. It also aims to ease any feeling of bulkiness. The main body emphasizes curved, fluid lines by reducing gaps between components, in order to minimize possible interruptions to operator's workflow. We aimed to design measuring systems that would perfectly harmonize with operational staff and the work environment.

When it comes to industrial instruments, the decision maker for purchasing and the operator are often two different people. Our design must appeal to both of these stakeholders. This new NEXIV series design provides buyers with the sense of pride and satisfaction of acquiring brand-new instruments, while conveying efficiency and easy handling to operators.

We intend to continue innovating more effective designs for Nikon business products by giving the utmost consideration to easy handling and operational efficiencies, based on thorough understanding of users' environment, workflows and product applications, rather than simply following conventional design patterns.

NEXIV VMZ-S (The successor of NEXIV VMZ-R)