Robot Vision

A future where humans and robots collaborate

The marriage of robotics and vision brings forth a paradigm shift in manufacturing. Nikon’s robot vision can make robot motion extremely fast, precise and flexible.

By leveraging the optical and precision technologies we have cultivated over the years, we are helping contribute to the evolution of robotics. Robotics technology is essential in resolving a variety of increasingly difficult challenges such as manufacturing automation and labor shortages. However, vision system limitations mean that it has not been possible to demonstrate robots’ full potential.
With this in mind, Nikon combined laser, x-ray and optical measurement technology to create a kinetic vision system far superior to the human eye. Beyond the conventional robot hand’s ability only to operate as instructed, robots with Nikon’s robot vision can respond to unexpected events in such a flexible manner that they appear to be alive. This superior vision will boost productivity and elevate manufacturing to a whole new level. Nikon will further evolve robot vision and drive a paradigm shift to enhance the development of a sustainable industry.

SolutionRobot vision systems with human “eyes” that outperform humans make robot motion extremely fast, precise, and flexible

Adopting high-speed sensing for 2D/3D cameras attached to a robot’s fingertips realizes high speed and flexible robot operation. This enables the picking of randomly piled workpieces and assembly of them on a moving target to be picked and assembly work on a moving workpiece to be performed in a short time while also reducing the time required for teaching.

Robot vision introduction video

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Robot vision characteristics

Case ExamplePractical application examples

  • Assembling in motion

    This section introduces assembly work on a moving target utilizing Nikon’s robot vision. Taking advantage of its high-speed recognition process enables assembly to be performed on moving objects.

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  • Bin picking

    This section introduces high-speed bin picking using hand vision, which is a feature of Nikon’s robot vision.

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  • Mounting a part on a 3D board

    This section introduces a solution for mounting a part on a 3D board utilizing Nikon’s robot vision, and shows the actual processes performed by a robot that utilizes Nikon’s robot vision: applying solder, picking and placing an ultra-small electronic part, and mounting it on the board.

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