Smart Telescopes

Everyone can enjoy discovering and understanding the Universe, while also advancing science

Nikon announced a master joint development agreement for smart telescopes with UNISTELLAR in 2021, and has been advancing innovative solutions to be provided for the consumer astronomical observation field.
It is taking advantage of its extensive range of optical technologies and knowledge to contribute to the development of science by delivering the excitement of astronomical observation and raising people’s interest in the universe, which is generating remarkable growth.

SolutionReinventing the telescope so that everyone can enjoy discovering and understanding the universe.


Proprietary Technology

  • Nikon High-Precision Optics

    Co-developed with Nikon, these optics make astronomical observation an easy and enjoyable experience. The ODYSSEY is the first mirror telescope, the most high-performing category of telescopes for exploring the universe, which requires no manual adjustment.

  • Stellar Autofocus

    Stellar Autofocus provides perfect sharpness during the journey to objects millions of light-years away, thanks to a fully automated focus system combining a smart algorithm and a dedicated motorized sensor.

  • Multi-Depth Technology

    The ODYSSEY stands out as the first telescope capable of observing both nearby planets and galaxies situated in the depths of the cosmos. With the Multi-Depth Technology, an exclusive UNISTELLAR innovation, it can effortlessly switch from exploring the details of Jupiter, such as its Great Red Spot and atmospheric bands, to the spiral arms of the Whirlpool Galaxy, located tens of millions of light-years away.


  • Deep Dark Technology

    Even in a heavily light-polluted urban environment, planets, nebulae, or galaxies stand out perfectly, thanks to the Deep Dark Technology swift denoising algorithm which purifies the telescope’s imaging on the spot, revealing a black background as intense as the depths of space.

ODYSSEY Overview

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Case ExampleAspiring to bring more excitement and experiences that explore the mysteries of the universe to a younger generation. Nikon and UNISTELLAR take on the challenge of making astronomical observation easier.

Nikon, which has long supported advancements in the field of astronomy, is now taking on the challenge and social mission of “lowering the barrier to astronomical observation” to increase children’s interest in space and science.

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VoicesDelivering the wonders of the universe through UNISTELLAR's smart telescope leadership, combined with Nikon's optical expertise

Dr. Franck Marchis (Chief Scientific Officer at UNISTELLAR, and Senior Planetary Astronomer at the SETI Institute)

Through UNISTELLAR’s smart telescope leadership, combined with Nikon’s optical expertise, space-lovers can immerse themselves in the wonders of the universe - no rocket required. While enjoying the colors and details of nebulae and galaxies, they can also contribute to increasing our knowledge of space through citizen science.
With the UNISTELLAR smart telescopes, you no longer need a rocket ship to explore the Univers and make your dream of space discovery come true. Our technology is helping astronomy to finally play a role in people’s daily lives.

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