Non-Contact Large-Volume Inspection System

Achieves non-contact 3D measurements in a large-scale space and contributes to improved accuracy and speed.


The non-contact, large-volume inspection systems APDIS (Accurate Precision Distance Scanning) MV430/430E, MV450/450E can measure large-scale parts for products such as aircraft, vehicles, and wind turbine blades by detecting the very slight reflected light of the laser irradiating the measurement object. The MV450/450E is able to automatically measure an object up to 50 meters away, by non-contact, three-dimensionality (error of 0.5mm). In the aerospace field, it is used for checking the aircraft body, engine intake parts and wing shapes.

In the automotive field, it is used to inspect minor scratches and distortions before painting.

Door panel measurement
Vehicle body measurement

Outstanding Accuracy

The APDIS (Accurate Precision Distance Scanning) MV430/430E performs 3D inspections for large-volume objects with an accuracy ranging from 17um (0.5m distance) to 313um (30m distance).

Fast Targetless and Non-Contact Measurement

The APDIS eliminates the need to attach targets to objects using laser reflection technology. The inspection speed is up to 2000 points-per-second. The precise measurement through mirrors makes it possible to inspect rounded edges/corners and to measure shapes that cannot be seen from the exterior.

Flexibility in measurement meets any surfaces

The APDIS can perform measurement even when only one billionth of the reflected laser beam can be captured. As a result, it is possible to scan not only highly reflective materials and surfaces of all colors, but also darker reflected light that enters obliquely. A high signal-to-noise ratio* enables measurement with excellent accuracy for composites, metals and highly reflective painted surfaces. The non-contact measurement technology also makes the APDIS ideal for measuring hot, soft or delicate surfaces.

  1. *Signal-to-noise ratio. The larger the figure, the lower the noise.