Alignment Station

Pre-exposure, high-speed grid distortion measurement for all wafers realizes high-accuracy overlay correction.


Semiconductor lithography systems require three key technologies. The first is "the resolution capability of the projection lens," the second is "alignment accuracy," and the third vital component is "throughput." Throughput is an indication of productivity, which is expressed by the number of silicon wafers that can be exposed in an hour.
The Litho Booster, alignment station measures absolute grid distortion values quickly with ultra-high precision for all wafers prior to exposure. Because correction values are fed forward to the lithography system, overall accuracy is greatly improved, resulting in increased throughput.

Achieves grid measurement of all wafers prior to exposure

Absolute grid distortion values for all wafers are measured quickly with ultra-high precision prior to exposure. Litho Booster enables unprecedented overlay accuracy by feeding forward correction values for each wafer and every shot to the lithography system that was conventionally impossible.

Scalable platform solution with extensive development potential

Litho Booster is able to incorporate new hardware and software solutions. In addition to grid measurement capabilities, it can also integrate other hardware components and software functionalities for measurement and correction of a variety of processing errors. Litho Booster allows the use of third-party applications and software, as well as Nikon software, to provide an optimal open platform solution for customers.

Highly flexible connectivity

Litho Booster can be utilized with Nikon immersion and non-immersion scanners. Existing lithography systems can be optimized and their performance enhanced using feedforward Litho Booster measurement results and correction values.