Mirrorless cameras

New-dimensional optical performance that leads to next-generation image creation


New-dimensional optical performance is realized with the Z-mount system. Utilizing long-accumulated knowledge and uncompromising quality in the manufacture of cameras, Nikon's Z-mount mirrorless camera system supports the imaging expression of photographers that leads to next-generation creation.

Z-mount system

It is necessary to convey as much light as possible to an image sensor through the lens in order to provide the highest-quality images. The larger the inner diameter of the mount, the more advantageous it will be for image quality. However, a larger diameter makes the camera and interchangeable lenses bulkier.

Nikon arrived at the ultimate solution by using the combination of a 55-mm inner diameter and 16-mm flange focal distance. With these specifications, flexibility in lens design has been greatly improved, enabling the pursuit of higher brightness, resolution, focus accuracy and bokeh characteristics more intensively. Maximizing these advantages, the Z-mount system realizes new-dimensional optical performance, compactness and superior operability.


Advanced AF performance, meeting professionals' demanding needs

The Z 9's powerful AF is the seamless union of three technologies: an unprecedented AF calculation speed of 120 cycles per second, intelligent subject detection developed using deep learning, and rapid, constant communication of AF information between the lens and camera body via the Z mount. These technologies combine to perform a higher level of AF tracking performance for erratically moving subjects, even during high-speed continuous shooting. Employing an advanced algorithm developed using deep-learning technology, the Z 9 detects the world's largest range* of 9 subject types: people, dogs, cats, birds, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, trains and airplanes. With human subjects, the camera can detect and focus on a person's eye even when very small in the frame, as well as through goggles or sunglasses, or if upside down. In a dynamic situation such as where a gymnast performs a somersault during a floor exercise and the AF loses the face, detection will automatically shift to the head or upper body, maintaining focus on the subject.

  • *As of October 28, 2021, among mirrorless cameras, based on Nikon research.

Real-Live Viewfinder

The Z 9 is the first camera*1 with a viewfinder which reveals every single moment*2 — including those previously blocked by conventional electronic viewfinder systems and loss of view caused by the mirror-up of D-SLRs. Unlike conventional blackout-free shooting where the same frames are repeated, the Real-Live Viewfinder displays a subject's action as it is. This enables you to smoothly confirm every single movement of an athlete and find the very best moments. The Real-Live Viewfinder is realized by Nikon's newly developed dual-stream technology. It separately processes live-view images (including EVF view) and still images to be recorded.

  • *1As of October 28, 2021, among mirrorless cameras, based on Nikon research.
  • *2Smoothness of the viewfinder image will differ depending on settings such as shutter speed, etc.