Video Measuring Systems

Highly precise, automatic measurement of various types of precision equipment and electronic components


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) video measuring systems achieve non-contact, automatic measurements based on images captured by CCD cameras. To measure with accuracy, the workpiece edge and its coordinates must be detected properly. Furthermore, the use of TTL laser AF supports the measurement of height and cross-section forms.

Developed using Nikon's advanced measuring technology, the CNC video measuring system, "NEXIV" series, accurately detects edges with high precision. Factory automation demands quick, precise measurement of large volumes of products throughout the evaluation process. Nikon's systems provide strong support for mass manufacturing, helping maintain high quality for products, such as injection molds, mechanical parts, IC chips, and electronic components.

TTL Laser AF

TTL (Through-the-lens) laser AF utilizes laser beam reflection to measure distance. The laser beam is projected through a lens onto a workpiece and reflected back to the system. With this innovative development, Nikon systems can precisely detect small gaps at low magnification, realizing measurement of complex three-dimensional surface forms.

Additionally, edges of transparent workpieces can now be detected by the TTL Laser AF, allowing the VMZ-S series to measure samples, such as LCD protection films, with thickness down to 0.1mm. These edges were previously difficult to detect due to low reflection of laser beams.

TTL Laser AF Schematic