Brand Symbol


The current brand symbol was created in 2003 to help foster an image for the Nikon brand that matched the needs of the time. The graphic’s sequential rays represent future possibilities while the yellow symbolizes expansion and passion, and the black portrays reliability and quality. Found in the corporate logos of Group companies, on product packaging and websites, and in advertisements, the brand symbol is being used as a communication tool to foster widespread understanding and promotion of the Nikon brand.

Transitions of brand symbols

  • Brand symbol


    Brand symbol originally used for the company letterhead from the establishment of Nippon Kogaku K.K.

  • Brand symbol


    Brand symbol created based on a lens image.

  • Brand symbol


    This design was used for brochures and the English-language company letterhead.

  • Brand symbol


    Designed by Mr. Yusaku Kamekura. This brand symbol is known as "Track Nikon" or "Track mark".

  • Brand symbol


    When the company name was changed to Nikon Corporation, a new brand symbol employing a blue color was adopted.

  • Nikon


    The current brand symbol was introduced.