For Nikon, honoring sports and athletes around the world is another enduring expression of our active pursuit toward pushing the limits of technology and innovation. Through our evolving sports sponsorship programs, Nikon provides additional support services to professional photographers and other activities that help deliver all the live excitement of competition sports and their heroes.


Street League Skateboarding in Japan Presenting Partner

Street League Skateboarding (SLS) is the first-ever professional street skateboarding organization. It is also known around the world for its outstanding professional street skateboarding competition. Nikon is a presenting partner of the championship tour, which will be held for the first time in Asia at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

Event information

Street League Skateboarding in Japan
(August 12, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan)


An overview of the competition that took place in August.


Official Partner of the World Aquatics

Since 2007, Nikon has an Official Partner of the World Aquatics, comprising over 200 member nations and regions, and has been supporting the World Aquatics Championships and World Aquatics Swimming Championships (25m).

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Implementation contents

Market Street

Nikon will be opening a booth on the Market Street outside the Marine Messe venue.
The booth will give children the opportunity to look through Nikon's high-definition microscopes, experience camera production, and simulate the experience of being a professional photographer. There will also be events such as making your own number bib, and photo spots for all visitors to enjoy.

• Microscopic Experience

A hands-on program to experience the microscopic world by observing various living organisms and everyday objects through Nikon's stereo microscopes.


• Professional Photographer Experience

An experience program that allows participants to photograph athletes like a professional photographer at the athletes' practice facility.

• Camera Production Experience

A program to create a one-of-a-kind camera along with Nikon designers.

  • *No general admission
• Number Bib Present

Receive a number bib bearing your name with the same design as that used by the actual athletes.

• Backstage Tour for Kids

A backstage tour exclusively for children, made possible by Nikon's sponsorship of World Aquatics. The event offers children the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the world's most prestigious competitions, including visiting the podium used by the winning athletes, the interview zone, and the service facilities Nikon provides for professional photographers.

  • *No general admission

Service Depot for Professional Photographers

An NPS (Nikon Professional Services) service depot for professional photographers attending the competition is available to provide support and services, including inspection, cleaning, emergency repairs, and lending of camera equipment.


Photographer/Media Lounge

For the first time in World Aquatics history, a hospitality lounge will be available for professional photographers and media with close ties to Nikon.
There will be a touch & try corner for the new Z 8 and other cameras, offering visitors the opportunity to experience Nikon's latest technology.

  • *No general admission


Official Patron of The Open

Nikon has been supporting The Open since 1981. It is the world's oldest and most traditional golf tournament, as well as one of the world's major golfing events. For over 150 years, The Open has played host to some of the world's best players who set out to become the "Champion Golfer of the Year".
During the tournament, Nikon branding will be present and the Nikon logo will be prominently displayed. Furthermore the Official Photographers at the tournament will be equipped with Nikon cameras and lenses to record the event. For the professional photographers covering this event, Nikon Professional Services (NPS) will set up a service center to offer support and services, including equipment check and clean, minor repairs and the loan of equipment.

Event information

  • The 151th Open
    (Jul.16 to 23, 2023 at Royal Liverpool, England)