Nikon Report

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As of August, 2022

Nikon Report is prepared as an integrated report for a better understanding of Nikon's efforts to achieve medium-to long-term growth and corporate value improvements.

Nikon at a Glance

Messages from managers

Toshikazu Umatate
Representative Director and President

Making a Better World with Trust and Creativity: Contributing to a better sustainable world

Guided by its corporate philosophy of "Trustworthiness and Creativity," Nikon has continued to contribute to the development of society and culture.
In order to formulate this Medium-Term Management Plan, we first imagined our Vision 2030, with the aim of becoming a company that firmly supports "a global society where humans and machines co-create seamlessly."

Muneaki Tokunari
Director and Executive Vice President

Nikon will pursue sustainable growth with the support of investors and other stakeholders.

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, Nikon recorded a significant improvement in performance after posting the largest loss in its 105-year history for the previous fiscal year, which was due partly to the impact of COVID-19. As a result of the completion of restructuring, centered on the Imaging Products Business, to achieve a lower breakeven point and the clarification of strategy for each business, both revenue and operating profit recorded a V-shaped recovery.

Management Information

The Imaging Products Business centered on digital cameras, that has completed restructuring, and the Precision Equipment Business centered on the FPD Lithography and Semiconductor Lithography Businesses are defined as main businesses, while the Healthcare, Components, and Digital Manufacturing Businesses are defined as strategic businesses. Nikon is pursuing both stability and growth.

Nikon's Core Strengths

Over its history, spanning more than a century, Nikon has continued to respond to the needs of customers with the technological prowess it has cultivated throughout this history, creating products and services that address social needs while generating innovation. The Nikon brand we have forged through this process is an intangible asset that inspires trust around the world. Even in times of volatility, Nikon will refine the core strengths represented by its technologies and brand to heighten its corporate value.


Creating value for society through businesses that are mindful of society and the environment.

Corporate Governance

The Nikon Group is working to bolster its corporate governance through such efforts as improving its internal control system, consolidating its management system, and establishing various committees.

Corporate Data

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