Solving Social Issues by Using Opto-electronics Technology

Relevant SDGs

3 Good Health and Well-Being 8 Decent work and economic growth 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure


Companies are considered public institutions. Now that environmental and social issues are becoming ever more serious, companies are required to solve these issues through business and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

The Nikon Approach

The Nikon celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017 and established its vision to “Unlock the future with the power of light“. Based on this belief we aim to solve social issues and further growth by improving core technologies with a focus on opto-electronics technology, which has so far produced cameras and lithography systems, widely utilizing them beyond conventional fields. With regards to opto-electronics technology in particular, and in addition to efforts to expand the scope of each business, we have concentrated the Group's optics development and design functions, as well as its optical component production functions, to create synergistic effects, and have established a system that accurately and quickly addresses new demands.

Contributions to the Society through Our Businesses (Outline)

Imaging Products Business

Receiving broad support from professional photographers at news media organizations, etc. through to masses of amateur photographers due to the high image quality and reliability in capturing history and memories in one shot.

We are also working on activities to enhance and expand photographic culture, such as holding the Nikon Photo Contest.

D850 Digital SLR Camera

Precision Equipment Business

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (the Internet of Things), said to be the fourth industrial revolution, have made great strides in recent years. Lithography systems contribute to the advances in semiconductors which support these great changes and are also contributing to the development of larger and thinner flat-panel displays (FPD) and its evolution of clearer and higher definition images.

NSR-S631E ArF Immersion Scanner

Healthcare Business

We will work on the development of medical care by strategically combining the technologies developed to date, including opto-electronics technology, with the world's finest technologies. In particular, our technologies are contributing to improving people's quality of life through efforts towards the early development of practical uses of regenerative medicine.

BioStation CT, cell culture observation system

Industrial Metrology Business and Others

We are providing an indispensable and exhaustive quality control solution for sophisticated manufacturing processes, like those employed for electronic components, automobiles and aircraft.

XT H450 X-ray and CT inspection system

Nikon Sustainability Report

For more details, please see the Nikon Sustainability Report.