Green Procurement

Nikon Basic Green Procurement Policy

  1. 1.To give priority to the purchase of items produced while taking environmental issues into consideration.
  2. 2.To give priority to suppliers who are proactive in caring for and conserving the environment.

The Nikon Group will procure products based on the "Nikon Basic Green Procurement Policy." In particular, with respect to suppliers, for example, of new products and technology, we wish to develop broad-based relationships with suppliers capable of meeting Nikon requirements. Additionally, it is our wish to implement wide-ranging reinforcement of cooperative relationships with suppliers who meet all of Nikon requirements in terms of QCDE (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Environment), covering such areas as information sharing as well as support for the improvement of technology and environment.

Nikon Green Procurement Standards

These Standards are for procuring parts and materials comprising Nikon products.

Edition 4.4 (Revised November, 2021)

The Standards define the contents of the standard briefly in Section 1. The Standards explain the contents of the Nikon group's requirements to suppliers concretely in Section 2. The Standards explain Nikon green procurement activities towards suppliers and Nikon environmental partners in Section 3.

Separate Volume: Corresponding Chemical Substance Lists

"Separate volume: Corresponding Chemical Substance Lists" is a list of the prohibited chemical substances and controlled chemical substances included/used in the procurement items and manufacturing processes. It shows applicable substance group names and specific chemical substance names corresponding to each substance group as examples. Applicable regulations, products to be prohibited, threshold levels, and examples of use are also shown.

Edition 2.4 (Revised December, 2023)

Approach to Environmental Impact Substances in Procurement items

Nikon Group started conducting environmental management system survey and audit for its business partners since 2008 to grasp the status of suppliers' environmental conservation and environmental impact substances management that are defined in the Nikon Green Procurement Standards. Based on the both results of the survey and the audit, Nikon Group has certified the business partners which are particularly excellent in the viewpoint as "Nikon Environmental Partners".
We work closely with our procurement partners to survey the chemical substances contained in products using chemSHERPA, a scheme that facilitates sharing information on chemical substances in products, reducing the use and discharge of hazardous chemical substances in the supply chain.