Basic Procurement Policy

Nikon has established Nikon Basic Procurement Policy to ensure that procurement is conducted sincerely and fairly in accordance with the Nikon Code of Conduct. This policy strengthens our goal of contributing to the development of a more desirable society and global environment, realizing sustainable social development, and continuously providing products and solutions useful to society.

Nikon Basic Procurement Policy

Our approach is that our suppliers and Nikon are partners working together to build a better society with our products and solutions. Under this approach, we work to understand each other, build a relationship of trust, and prosper together.

  1. 1.Sustainable corporate activities
    Nikon shall conduct sustainable and fair corporate activities, while not only complying with applicable laws and accepted social norms, but tackling social issues such as forced labor, child labor, and environmental destruction.
    Nikon shall also encourage socially responsible behavior within its supply chain.
  2. 2.Open-door procurement
    Nikon procures products and solutions from global suppliers in as transparent a fashion as possible.
  3. 3.Procurement based on the concept of fair competition
    Based on the principles of fair and free competition, Nikon assigns top priority to suppliers that offer superior performance in terms of quality, cost, delivery, technology, and corporate reliability that includes social responsibility initiatives.
  • *"Nikon" refers to "Nikon Corporation and its domestic and overseas subsidiaries." Affiliates are encouraged to follow these Guidelines or to implement similar standards.