Sustainability Policy and Framework

The Nikon Group defines sustainability as contribution to a sustainable society and achievement of sustainable growth for the company through the realization of its Corporate Philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity in its business activities. With this idea as the main statement, the Board of Directors has decided on four intentions that support this idea as the Sustainability Policy. Under this policy, the Nikon Group has established the Nikon Code of Conduct, which embodies Nikon’s basic approach to CSR and lays down standards for employees to follow when taking actions based on this approach.

Sustainability Policy

The Nikon Group aims to both contribute to a sustainable society and achieve sustainable growth for itself by putting into practice the Nikon philosophy of Trustworthiness and Creativity through our business activities.

  • We are committed to helping solve environmental and social challenges and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our business activities by delivering uniquely Nikon products and services.
  • We aim to do better for the environment and for society by objectively assessing the impact our business has on the environment and society and continually striving to make improvements.
  • Through active dialog with our stakeholders, we stay abreast of changes in society. We also constantly reflect on our own activities to meet stakeholder expectations.
  • We do more than what is required to comply with laws and regulations. We act with integrity and fairness and disclose information appropriately.

In order effectively implement the Sustainability Policy, the Nikon Group identifies materialities, sets targets, manages progress, evaluates, and makes improvements regarding sustainability issues through the Sustainability Committee.

In principle, committee meetings are held twice a year. At the same time, lectures by experts and discussions are held to enhance each committee member’s knowledge of global social issues and trends.
The Sustainability Committee is chaired by the president, vice-chaired by the responsible officer of the Corporate Sustainability Department, and the members are comprised of the Executive Committee and all general managers responsible as heads of the business units and divisions, with related department managers participating as observers. The deliberations are reported to the Board of Directors, which manages and supervises the appropriateness and effectiveness of activities as well as associated risks.

Sustainability Promotion System (As of April 1, 2022)

Board of Directors / President / Sustainability Committee / Nikon Business Units and Corporate Administration Divisions / Group companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Oceania(Compliance and Sustainability Coordinator) / Group companies in Japan and Korea supervise and report to each other. Corporate Sustainability Department and Sustainability Committee are related to the secretariat, and Corporate Sustainability Department, Nikon Business Units and Corporate Administration Divisions, and Regional Headquarters (CSR/Sustainability Department) are in collaboration and cooperation with each other. Regional Headquarters (CSR/Sustainability Department), Group companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Oceania (Compliance and Sustainability Coordinator) are connected through a coordination system (collaboration, request, reports).

Sustainability Report

For more information, refer to the Our Approach to Sustainability, Sustainability Promotion System, and Stakeholder Engagement sections of the Sustainability Report.

  • Nikon’s Sustainability
  • Implementation Framework
  • Activities Aimed at Raising Employees’ Sustainability Awareness
  • Participation in International Initiatives
  • Approach to Communication
  • Engagement with Employees
  • Engagement with Shareholders and Investors
  • External Evaluation