Healthcare Business

Contributing to a better quality of life

Nikon provides super-resolution microscopes that achieve superior resolution compared with general optical microscopes, supports regenerative medicine using human derived cells and development of new drugs, while delivering inspection/diagnostic solutions in the field of retinal imaging.
By offering all this, we help improve the quality of life for people all over the world.

Examples of Microscope Solutions

supporting live cell observation in biological science and medical research

Super-resolution observation system

By integrating the N-SIM S Super-Resolution Microscope that allows observation of the minute intracellular structures of live cells and the N-STORM Super-Resolution Microscope that enables observation of protein interaction at molecular levels in a single system, a multifunctional nano-scale observation platform that can flexibly switch imaging module according to applications can be established.

Examples of Cell Solutions (Regenerative medicine/Drug discovery support)

contributing to the culturing process of cells

Cell Culture Observation System BioStation CT

In order to utilize iPS cells for drug discovery and regenerative medicine, they need to be proliferated by culturing cells.
The Cell Culture Observation System BioStation CT enables observation of growing conditions by culturing cells. With the development of iPS cell culture quality evaluation technology, Nikon realized objective evaluation of cell quality and contributed to automation of the cell culture process. We provide solutions to support iPS cell mass production.

Examples of Ophthalmology Solutions

supporting retinal imaging diagnosis with an ultra-wide field retinal imaging device

Examination by using an ultra-wide field retinal imaging device

Nikon group’s Optos ultra-wide field retinal imaging device is inspection equipment that captures a digital image of the retinal area with the wide field of view of 200˚ simultaneously. Non-mydriatic diagnosis greatly reduces the burden on patients, and this supports diagnosis of retinal detachment, retinal break, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.

Major products

N-SIM S Super-Resolution Microscope

High-speed imaging at up to 15 fps*1 provided by the unique Nikon-developed high-speed illumination system and spatial resolution (up to 115 nm*2 in XY) that is twice that of conventional optical microscopes are realized. Minute details of life phenomena can be vividly observed in ultrahigh-resolution images. It can be utilized for an optical microscope system with the ECLIPSE Ti2-E Inverted Microscope as a platform.

  • *12D-SIM mode, 512 x 512 pixels, 2 msec exposure time.
  • *2FWHM (full width at half maximum) of 100 nm bead images collected in 3D-SIM mode, using 488 nm excitation laser. In TIRF-SIM mode, 86 nm is achieved using 40 nm beads excited by a 488 nm laser.

Super Resolution Microscope N-STORM

N-STORM, which employs Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy technology licensed from Harvard University, has increased resolution to more than 10 times that of conventional optical microscopes. N-STORM delivers rich information that enhances understanding of the structure of living cells and biological phenomena at molecular levels.

Inverted Microscope ECLIPSE Ti2

The incredibly wide field of view and quick coordination with diverse accessories contribute to fast acquisition of vast data, making this microscope an integrated live-cell imaging platform. The unique Assist Guide function provides strong support for cutting-edge life science research, regardless of the users' skill levels.

Cell Culture Observation System BioStation CT

The BioStation CT allows time-lapse observation of cells while they are being cultured in the stable environment of an incubator. This not only mitigates the burden placed on researchers, but simultaneously enables tracking observation of cells without inflicting stress on them.

Ultra-wide field retinal imaging device

With its wide field of view of 200°, Optos Plc's Ultra-wide field retinal imaging device capture images covering more than 80% of the retinal area in non-mydriatic, non-contact photography. It allows easy detection of symptoms appearing in peripherals — that have previously been difficult to spot.