Precision Equipment Business

Building a super-smart society

IC chips and high-resolution flat panel displays hold the key to further improvements in IoT and AI.
Through the development and production of manufacturing systems that expose circuit patterns of such components, Nikon is supporting the creation of a super-smart society.

Flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing process and FPD lithography systems

FPD lithography systems

FPD lithography systems project circuit patterns onto the surface of glass plates for controlling each pixel. Nikon provides diverse types of systems, from those employing the unique multi-lens system for handling large panels, to those for producing the small- and medium-sized panels such as those employed by smart devices. Nikon has achieved a high market share of FPD lithography systems by continuous technological development.

Semiconductor manufacturing process and semiconductor lithography systems

Semiconductor lithography systems

Semiconductor lithography systems reduce the size of circuit patterns and project them onto silicon wafers.
The systems, crucial to IC chip production, require an extreme precision down to 1 nm (one-billionth of a meter), and are regarded as the most precise machines ever developed.

Major products

FPD Scanner FX-103SH

The 10.5th generation FPD lithography system that has fully enhanced illumination and multi-lens systems that use Nikon’s proprietary resolution enhancement techniques. It is optimized for manufacturing high-definition large-sized panels and mass-production of 4K and 8K TVs, as well as LCD panels for high-definition tablets and organic EL panels.

FPD Scanner FX-68S

The FX-68S supports the production of leading-edge, high-resolution, small- and medium-sized panels from Gen 6 plates. The scanner method enables improved productivity, excellent resolution (1.5μm) and high overlay accuracy simultaneously.

ArF Immersion Scanner NSR-S631E

Employing the Streamlign platform, this scanner was developed for high-volume manufacturing of devices at the 7 nm process node (capable of handling multiple patterning). The super-high accuracy of below 2.3 nm Mix-and-Match Overlay (MMO) and extremely high throughput of more than 270 wafers per hour (96 shots) contribute to stable volume manufacturing at cutting-edge production lines.