Digital Manufacturing Business

As of March 31, 2024


Contributing to industry with total measuring solutions, as well as providing comfortable vision

Nikon offers an extensive and varied lineup of measuring and inspection systems to meet the wide-ranging demands of industry, fully supporting cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Industrial Metrology Business

Achieving highly precise and reliable manufacturing

High-level manufacturing requires fast and accurate measuring techniques.
Nikon offers a diverse lineup of measuring and inspection systems to meet measurement demands for various sizes, shapes and materials.
With total measurement solutions, Nikon fully supports the cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Examples of measurement and inspection systems (supporting aircraft/automotive manufacturing processes)


Inspection of turbine blades and other castings

X-Ray and CT Systems inspect the complex inner structures of products and detect any defects within them, all without disassembling the product.
Innovative in-house microfocus X-ray sources up to 450 kV enable detailed visualisation from tiny connectors to large castings like automotive engines.

X-Ray and CT System

Body measurement

Laser Radar Measuring Systems enable automated inspection of subjects up to 50m away. Nikon's unique technology realizes measurement of samples with various surface materials, textures, and reflectivity. In automotive manufacturing, APDIS is used for car body and component inspection, realizing instant feedback to the production process.

Laser Radar Measuring System

Measurement of electronic components

A variety of electronic devices are installed in aircraft and vehicles. Electronic parts can be measured with the Video Measuring System NEXIV VMZ-S series that achieve noncontact, high-precision, and automatic measurement based on images captured by the CCD camera.
Realizing quick, precise and automatic measurement of large volumes, Nikon's systems provide strong support for mass manufacturing, helping to maintain high quality for injection molds, mechanical parts, IC chips, and electronic components.

Video Measuring System

Other industrial metrology product

Autofocus Total Station Nivo-Z

Total stations are surveying instruments used to measure distance and angle. The advanced autofocus function speeds up survey job and reduces fatigue in aiming work. Compact and lightweight, the Nivo-Z is especially effective in dangerous places such as steep slopes and high-rise construction sites.


Advanced Manufacturing Business

Optical processing machines

Nikon's proprietary metal processing machine, which utilizes technology cultivated in the development and manufacture of semiconductor lithography equipment, known as "the most precise machine in history," can easily perform a variety of metal processing with high precision using lasers, from metal 3D printer elements such as modeling and additive manufacturing to marking, welding, and even polishing.